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1) Don’t pick your zip codes. Make sure you diversify your investment (or in this case, your zip codes) so you never put all your eggs in one or even a few baskets. Feather your names across a nice round radius of your store and hold the balance so when you want to run again next month and enjoy the same great results, you can do that without hitting the same people or wondering where you hit and whats left.

2) Make sure your data is clean. You want to run four “Buy Backs” every year. Yes, one per quarter is so important. It’s like a savings account for the dealership. Tap it at least four times a year (but not more than eight times a year).

3) Crunch the days, crunch the hours. You may think you are getting more for your money by adding five days to your event piece but what it really does is water down the importance and weaken the urgency. If you do 10,000 pieces of mail and HAVE to have four days, then cut four letters of 2,500 piece each and of course make each letter one day only, then pick your four days!

About the author: Todd Vowell has been a business owner since 1994. Took 3 start-up companies from zero to over $30 million dollars with over 140 employees including 52 salespeople. Over 2,000 people have been hired, trained, motivated, and educated by Mr. Vowell in the art of successful automotive direct marketing, automotive sales training, and social media.

Car Dealers have executed over 400 million pieces of mail with his events. Since 1987, dealers have sold over 607,000 vehicles and invested over $125 Million Dollars to enjoy 1.6 billion dollars in generated revenue. These events that he created and perfected are the most successful automotive direct marketing mail events ever – Promotions like The Butterball Bonanza, The Decoy, Auto Loan Alert, Certification Test Market, Drive Back to America, and Dept of Vehicle Acquisitions.

Mr. Vowell is proud to have worked with Jackie B Cooper, Jim Rohn, and his mentor, best friend, and dad, Dean Vowell.
Specialties: Creates the path, never follows it. He combines social media, digital marketing, strategy, motivation, and a plan for automotive direct mail marketing events to produce results worth a repeat performance.

Blessed is the man, indeed, you are number one
Who in this life can find;
A purpose that can fill his days,
And goals to fill his mind!
The world is filled with little men
Content with where they are;
Not knowing joys success can bring,
No will to go that far!
Yet, in this world there is a need,
For men to lead the rest
To rise above the “average” life,
By giving of their best!
Would you be one, who dares to try,
When challenged by the task;
To rise to heights you’ve never seen,
Or is that too much to ask?
This is your day–a world to win
Great purpose to achieve;
Accept the challenge of your goals
And in yourself, believe!
You will be proud of what you’ve done,
When at the close of day;
You look back on your battles won,
Content, you came this way!
By Dr Wilson (Made “car business famous” by Jackie B Cooper)

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