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The key to a high closing ratio during a direct mail marketing event is getting the right customer on your lot in the first place. If you invite customers in for a chance to win cash or a free vacation, don’t expect a high closing ratio….

So invite customers in by name and key Geo/Demographics using BMD’s EXCLUSIVE DEFINITE LIST, and tell them upfront you are paying top dollar for specific vehicles, then give them several different options to contact you. Today’s world is all about speed and convenience.

Three Steps to a 50% Closing Ratio:

1) Complex Variable Data Technology: Personalize the message with CVDT (Complex Variable Data Technology). Using complex variable data technology gives you the opportunity to personalize each piece like NEVER BEFORE. We are not talking first and last names here. We are talking about everything from what car they drive by year, make, model, to QR Codes, and even each customers very own custom website.

2) Personal URL or PURL: Converting customers from traditional to digital is so important to an entire generation of car buyers. That’s right, the kids that were raised on computers are now all grown up (even in their thirties) and no longer do people open their mail over the garbage can. Now, they open their mail next to the laptop, smart phone, or personal computer.

3) Quick Response Codes or QR Codes: Your customers want immediate access to important information and they want what is relevant. When they see their name built into a custom website (or PURL), they want quick access and there is nothing quicker than a QR Code. They just snap a quick picture of their custom QR Code, and boom, they are instantly taken to their very own website (PURL). That is where we gather pertinent information (including an opt-in) and deliver it all to you in real-time. The QR Code also tells your customers you know what they like and you are “hip”!

By now, you should be starting to see clearly how a 50% closing is not just reachable and believable but clearly attainable. DO THE DECOY!