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Ahh yes, the smell of freshly cut grass can only mean one thing, FOOTBALL. It also means “two-a-days” and hell week if you played the game and more Gatorade please. Is it possible for something like NFL football to be so badly missed, that just the fact that its back, will turn some salespeople into animals on the floor? Do salespeople not sell off emotion?  Heck yea they do!

So September means NFL Football is back, but also means 2012’s need to go because 2013’s are arriving daily. Back to school is also in the mix. There is so much going on, its crazy.

Car dealers need to be relevant now more than ever. Its time to blitz, run stunts, get crazy!  Lets also not forget all the pent up demand from people that held off buying that new car until they a had good enough reason. If dealers don’t give them a good enough reason, they wont buy.  So make sure you as a dealer are out there in the mix and you have plenty of reasons!

How dealers communicate with customers and prospects is a big debate right now but going with tried, tested, and true tools such as direct mail marketing makes all the sense in the world. Yes, the Internet does bring many options to the table. One of the best ways to tap the Internet and all it has to offer is to wrap it up into traditional direct mail.

Since the mailbox is still most trusted for receiving information, dealers are enjoying big success by beginning the invitation process in the mailbox, then once the customer receives the invite, we drive them to the Internet in the form of a personal URL. We then gather some more information on them, such as what car you currently drive, what type of vehicle your looking for, and if the customer would consider selling their vehicle to the dealership when the figures are agreeable.

Yes, this is an exciting time of the year! Good luck and great selling to all automotive dealership owners, salespeople and managers!