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“Direct mail don’t work round here no more”

Translation: “I’m doing the same type of direct mail I was doing 30 years ago”. Send out thousands of pieces of mail telling people they may have won BIG money or a new car, then when they come in, tell them sorry “didn’t win $10,000 cash or new car, but lets buy a car”! That stuff still works but there’s another option.


If you utilize a PURL with the RIGHT MESSAGE, you will create lasting leads, selling you cars today and tomorrow. Personal URL’s are one of the most powerful tools you can use to gain solid leads in today’s market. Personal URL’s (PURLS) give prospects another option to respond to a direct mail invitation besides calling up a phone number (something many prospects hate to do, so they throw the piece away).

What is a PURL? A Personalized URL (PURL) is a unique and personalized website address created specifically for each recipient of either the direct mail piece (or email). These PURL’s contain each recipients name in the Web address creating a really personal and pleasing experience that motivates people to visit their very own Personal URL.

Add a QR code to the PURL and you now have a multichannel digital/direct mail piece that makes a regular direct mail piece look like a T-Rex!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There is a generation of car buyers out there now in their thirties (believe it or not) that were raised on computers. Sending them direct mail with no option to log on to the Internet to respond, is like sending them direct mail in Japanese!


So now, your direct mail has went from not knowing who is pulling up to the dealership, parking, and getting out of their car with an invitation in their hand, to knowing who is interested in a new car by name (if it’s used, its new to them), when they are interested, what they are trading in, and even what type of new vehicle they are interested in looking at! How powerful is that!

Why don’t more marketing companies offer PURLS?

Laziness. Most companies just want the “no brainier, low hanging fruit”.

Developing a PURL platform takes money, time, and talent. Not having any one of those three, puts you way behind. Find a company that creates the path never follows it. Hint Hint (click on “company”! Je whiz, need to spell it out for you?)


1) October Is Breast Cancer Awareness!

There are many dealerships who raise awareness about breast cancer throughout the entire year.  Cancer has touched everyone in one way or another.

One way to create awareness is to offer a free gift when using things like direct mail marketing, except make the gift pink.  You can get pink tool sets and other items that are not normally pink that do a great job of bringing awareness to all.

Or you can offer a $25 donation for every test drive in the customers name. Either way, the more people that commit to finding a cure, the better!

2) Talking Turkeys

Hard to believe but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The last weekend of October is perfect to get a “leg up” on the competition.

The CEO of Buy Mail Direct Inc, Todd Vowell, being the originator and founder of this event starting back in 1994, no one knows how to execute this event better. NO ONE…

3) Customer Appreciation Event

Once a year, every dealership should take a time out and invite all their customers in for an appreciation event.

Every event doesn’t have to be about selling cars. In fact, you may be surprised how many cars you will sell during those times when you are not even asking for the business…

Break out the finger foods, drinks, and maybe even a tuxedo or two!  Send out a nice “wedding invitation looking” piece to request their presence. Have fun with it!

So there you go, thanks and good selling!

1) Pickup wars Are On For October!

When was the last time we had some media in the car business that didn’t involve the government, Unions, or Bankruptcy?

GM extended its “Semi-annual Truck Month” over two months and then threw cash out there for both dealers and truck buyers!

Ford, Toyota and Chrysler also threw cash on the hood so ultimately the customers will win IF THEY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!

From a marketing point of view, its effective in that it gives us an event, something to promote. Lets get excited about this! Its “trickle down” at its best. If dealers get excited about it, put some October ad money into it, get their managers motivated, that gets the salespeople pumped up as well! Then, the customer is now infected!

This is where social media can play a roll. Dealers don’t need to go fork out a bunch of money either. Car dealerships can start posting on their Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc. It is as easy as starting a rumor!

All that is left to do is to invite ALL TRUCK OWNERS in your market to the dealership over one October weekend. There is only one channel that can do this and its direct mail marketing. If you want to find out how many truck owners you have in your market, click here.

2) Model Year End Clearance

Thousands of pent up car buyers wait until this time of the year to buy a new car. Currently, the average car ownership is 71 months (that is a record). So if you want to save money, just target ALL vehicle owners in your market that have had their car for about five years.

3) Targeted Customer Buy-back

This is a no-brainer. Any dealership that does not execute at least one “customer vehicle buy-back” per quarter is just leaving tons of jack on the table every year.

For one, a dealer has the legal right to present his/her customers with a more powerful message than what other dealers can offer . The other dealerships in town are not legally allowed to make certain claims. This is an advantage and benefit that comes with all the other benefits a dealership gains once they earn a consumers business and they become a customer.

So there you go, good selling this weekend and beyond!