“Direct mail don’t work round here no more”

Translation: “I’m doing the same type of direct mail I was doing 30 years ago”. Send out thousands of pieces of mail telling people they may have won BIG money or a new car, then when they come in, tell them sorry “didn’t win $10,000 cash or new car, but lets buy a car”! That stuff still works but there’s another option.


If you utilize a PURL with the RIGHT MESSAGE, you will create lasting leads, selling you cars today and tomorrow. Personal URL’s are one of the most powerful tools you can use to gain solid leads in today’s market. Personal URL’s (PURLS) give prospects another option to respond to a direct mail invitation besides calling up a phone number (something many prospects hate to do, so they throw the piece away).

What is a PURL? A Personalized URL (PURL) is a unique and personalized website address created specifically for each recipient of either the direct mail piece (or email). These PURL’s contain each recipients name in the Web address creating a really personal and pleasing experience that motivates people to visit their very own Personal URL.

Add a QR code to the PURL and you now have a multichannel digital/direct mail piece that makes a regular direct mail piece look like a T-Rex!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There is a generation of car buyers out there now in their thirties (believe it or not) that were raised on computers. Sending them direct mail with no option to log on to the Internet to respond, is like sending them direct mail in Japanese!


So now, your direct mail has went from not knowing who is pulling up to the dealership, parking, and getting out of their car with an invitation in their hand, to knowing who is interested in a new car by name (if it’s used, its new to them), when they are interested, what they are trading in, and even what type of new vehicle they are interested in looking at! How powerful is that!

Why don’t more marketing companies offer PURLS?

Laziness. Most companies just want the “no brainier, low hanging fruit”.

Developing a PURL platform takes money, time, and talent. Not having any one of those three, puts you way behind. Find a company that creates the path never follows it. Hint Hint (click on “company”! Je whiz, need to spell it out for you?)


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