1) October Is Breast Cancer Awareness!

There are many dealerships who raise awareness about breast cancer throughout the entire year.  Cancer has touched everyone in one way or another.

One way to create awareness is to offer a free gift when using things like direct mail marketing, except make the gift pink.  You can get pink tool sets and other items that are not normally pink that do a great job of bringing awareness to all.

Or you can offer a $25 donation for every test drive in the customers name. Either way, the more people that commit to finding a cure, the better!

2) Talking Turkeys

Hard to believe but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The last weekend of October is perfect to get a “leg up” on the competition.

The CEO of Buy Mail Direct Inc, Todd Vowell, being the originator and founder of this event starting back in 1994, no one knows how to execute this event better. NO ONE…

3) Customer Appreciation Event

Once a year, every dealership should take a time out and invite all their customers in for an appreciation event.

Every event doesn’t have to be about selling cars. In fact, you may be surprised how many cars you will sell during those times when you are not even asking for the business…

Break out the finger foods, drinks, and maybe even a tuxedo or two!  Send out a nice “wedding invitation looking” piece to request their presence. Have fun with it!

So there you go, thanks and good selling!


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