Set it up now. The last Saturday of October can be your best day of the year. If you present it to your people that way and follow three important steps, you can and will make it happen:

1) Run the event one day only. Yes there are many reasons (some valid) to run over two, three, even five days. It is a FACT, when you present an offer for limited time, response increases tremendously. (People “in the market” will come early, and stay late no matter what). Add a Personal URL to your mailer and sell enough cars to pay for the event before it even starts!

2) Don’t pick zip codes. Take your home zip (with address) and run a radius around your store going out far enough to get enough prospects to give you three solid events over three months. Then feather your list to give it three well well-adjusted selections for consistency and balance.

3) Bring customers in based on your salespeople’s experience level. If you have 8 salespeople and five are green peas, don’t go do a huge high traffic builder! Start off with an event that is targeted and brings people in based on information about buying car, not so much “something for nothing”. Once you have some events under the belt, then do a big traffic builder that is going to bring in 150 people. You will be ready for it and know what to do.


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