At Buy Mail Direct, we have made it easy and affordable for automotive dealers to send out real Holiday/Christmas cards to their customers, neighbors, and friends. No matter if you want to thank them for the business, offer a small gift, or SELL SOME CARS, a Greeting Card gets the job done. NO ONE THROWS AWAY A Holiday/Christmas Card!

Remember the Internet, Radio, TV, and Newspaper all have one thing in common: They can not and do not offer the intimacy and true personalization that direct mail delivers. Address your customers by name and speak to them individually. Then enjoy the crowded showroom!

Now before you go sign up with one of them big fancy agencies that have the big over head including an extensive accounting department (just to figure out all the commissions and who hit that big bonus for the month), check the pricing below. We do offer one thing unique (maybe even exclusive): Over 26 years experience IN THE TRENCHES.

Call The Owner Todd Vowell Today and get set up right along with confidence and peace of mind.

Office 916-259-1751
Cell 916-580-5190


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