Utilizing fresh data, with complete system integration, skilled call center agents insure automotive dealerships receive the highest number of contacts, applications, and appointments. Our team and partners have handled over 8 million credit-based customers and facilitated over 1 million car deals. We provide dealers the absolute best solution.

Lets take Buy Mail Direct’s Sub Prime lead conversion, using an 100 lead sample rate. We are talking follow-up like never before! It is scientific and proof positive that for every second lost in not reaching out to a fresh lead, so goes the odds of converting that lead to a customer. We have a 91% contact rate when called within four minutes. (It drops to 57% after 60 minutes.)

Lets not forget what type of customer we are targeting and why they are responding in the first place.  Buy Mail Directs exclusive “Auto Loan Alert” mailer for example.  We alert prospects that have poor to average credit that they have been per-qualified for an auto loan (based on the specific dealership’s lenders and what parameters they feel confident and comfortable with).  It is no secret that since the economy melt down in 2008, there are millions of honest hard-working people out there who just need to rebuild (and that includes their credit).

If the lead calls in, our expert “American Made” team handles them immediately and will set the appointment 75% of the time with our time-tested, consistent scripting. After setting the appointment, we deliver all information including email, phone, current job tenure, monthly income, employer, job title, planned trade-in, miles, monthly payment, estimated payoff, and more,  to our dealership customer immediately. If the prospect chooses to use our online form, we still follow a strict protocol including reaching out to that prospect via outbound telephone within minutes of receiving their completed online form.

VERY IMPORTANT: Appointment Set Rate drops dramatically when credit bureaus are pulled over the phone.  PLUS, TRIGGER LEADS are generated for THE COMPETITION which affects show rate big time.

Show Rate: Our team has converted over 8 million calls to appointments.  We have a 61% show rate with our consistent scripting and follow-up communications that includes working closely with our dealer customers.  We advise our dealers to NOT PULL bureaus over the phone before the customer arrives simply because those hot prospects are snagged by the competition (They became Trigger Leads).

Deals. 16% Conversion (leads to deals) with immediate follow-up, consistent follow-up, and processes. (Lower if credit bureaus were pulled over the phone.

Being in the business for over 26 years now, we know dealerships are busy. Dealers need partners not vendors.  Buy Mail Direct will partner up and work with managers on a consistent basis. This is important so we are always on the same page.


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