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ImageWhat better time of year to recap, remind, and reinforce the power of the mail as in “snail mail”. The Holiday season is about many things but for most, it is about giving and being thankful. (Unless you are 7 years old, then it is all about what exactly is for me, that’s under that tree!?)

So let’s focus on giving for a moment.  Will you be sending family and/or friends (that won’t be home for the holidays) a heartfelt email filled with kind words and love this year?  Or, how about a nice creative Facebook message?  Of course not…  A beautiful Holiday/Christmas card mailed to a loved one is still the norm and always will be. Anything less may be considered an insult.

The Post Office just handled OVER 800 million pieces of mail in ONE day. How can they do that? The 574,000 postal workers fired up their 218,684 trucks and delivered the mail to their 142 million delivery address points.  The Post office has an incredible network that stretches from coast to coast and every nook and cranny in between.

Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general believe or not. This is important because of trust. The Post Office has been around for over 200 years and it is the most trusted form of communication in poll after poll.  Not email, not the internet, no, it’s the good old Post Office (When you really mean it and the message is important).

Fast forward to your car dealership. A vehicle is the most expensive purchase (outside of a house) that a family will make in a life time.  Customers who have purchased a vehicle from a dealership deserve to be contacted at least four times a year with something in the mailbox.  Something that says thank you for the business, we want to buy back your vehicle, Happy Birthday, Newsletters, Happy Holidays, etc.!

In 2013, make sure you reach out and touch your customer base the right way. Send them important information through the Post Office to make sure you have their attention and your call to action gets just that, ACTION!

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