There is this “rule Imageof thumb” when writing social media blogs that basically says in order to capture the reader’s attention and build your audience, never try and sell them something. Always make sure your content is informative (something for business, life, or both that will enhance or help them or their business in some way). It could be “three tips to improve customer service” or “five ways to lose weight” and so on. You get the idea.

With that “bit of information” fresh in your thoughts, what if you became the dealership in your market known as the educator? What if your dealership actually took a “branding direction” at educating the public on how to buy a car, save money, and get the best deal?

Take “Carla Car Buyer” in “Anytown, USA” and there was one dealership that was always sending her stuff that taught “how to buy a car right, not get ripped off, and save some money”, would she not visit that dealer and actually feel the most welcome and want to purchase from a dealer like that, simply from the “trust factor” alone?

Depending on the size of your market and salespeople with “No Fear”, you can also set up car buying workshops for groups such as:

  • Local Toastmasters or other speaking groups
  • Community Centers
  • Companies with 25 + employees
  • Churches and other Faith-based Organizations
  • Teachers
  • Any local group or organization

One other great example is direct mail backed up with email.  What if you took the traditional 5,000 piece mailer that most if not all car dealerships have at least tried, and replaced the traditional “direct mail event” (you know, the one with huge discounts and win $5,000, HUGE Rebates, etc. etc.) and replace it with “Five Tips to Stay Within Your Means When Buying a Car” and/or “Three Tips for First Time Buyers”, and so on.

This mailer should include a letter from the owner or GM of the dealership personalized to each consumer.  Imagine a personal letter from the owner of a local dealership that offers a first time buyer tips to save them some money, ease their anxieties.  How great is that? If you feel really bold, do a YouTube Video or even a series of videos! Include Social Media and really hit it hard.

Imagine you have never bought a car before.  You have read and heard all the “car dealer stories”. You have this vision of the dealership and how intimidating it can be.  Then all of a sudden you get a personal letter from the owner of a local dealership that is not telling you about how cheap his prices are or how great the rebates are or how much they will buy your trade for ($5,000 guaranteed!)  No, you get a nice positive letter filled with nothing but tips, guidance, and education on getting the right vehicle for you and your family.  I think you would agree, at this point, you as a dealer don’t even have to ask them for the business, they are going to come visit your dealership and most likely buy from you.


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