How Do $100 Billion Dollar E-Commerce Companies Get Customers?

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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EcommerceHave you noticed more and more these days, e-commerce businesses like Facebook (Valued at about $105 Billion Dollars), and Google (Valued at $192 Billion Dollars) are using that old washed up, traditional media to gain customers?  It is really interesting to see this happen.

Plus, the reps that push the services of these companies have been saying (on Facebook, Tweeting, blogging, YouTube)  “the old way of advertising and marketing is dead, gone forever. It is a waste of money. No one watches TV or reads their mail anymore. You’re just wasting your time, spinning your wheels!”

In fact, some of these “non-brick and mortar companies” like and to name a few, are not just spending some money on TV, they are going to the ultimate level (over 200 million eyeballs), with the Super Bowl!

Yes, we are seeing the most valuable companies in the world; companies like Facebook and Google invest millions of dollars in that old washed up traditional, “direct mail”.

What? Wait a minute. What do they know?

They know the facts!

The facts are traditional media like direct mail is anything but dead. In fact, it’s more powerful than ever before. Technology has not only enhanced and improved the actual printing process but it has made printing creativity more powerful and incredible than ever before, and it’s more affordable.

How? Every time you increase your direct mail accuracy, you increase your response. Every time you increase your response, you automatically decrease your printing, and when you decrease printing, you of course decrease postage and other cost.

Now, of course Facebook and Google are using direct mail to ultimately drive the recipient to the Internet using a cause of action.  But they are using direct mail for precision.  When any company (or dealership) wants to deliver a message to a certain criteria or type of person, it is because they want to be relevant.  When you are relevant to the reader, they respond, plain and simple. DirectMailDude

When you use today’s technology such as complex variable data, you can send out a letter that is unique and is relevant to each reader. That is how response rates go through the roof along with ROI.

In other words, Google and Facebook are utilizing the most powerful approach ever in this business. They are tapping “Multichannel Marketing”.

These companies probably spent millions of dollars on research, surveys, and study after study, to find out what works the best to gain customers in today’s over crowded market?

We would have told them for half price… Its Direct Mail, silly…


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