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Yes, only the tough questions asked around here. But we are talking about selling cars, what are you thinking?  Its OK, really, just ask Belushi… Image

Now that we have pulled you in, lets talk about selling cars in today’s Digital world. The more car shoppers engage with your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP’s), the quicker your vehicles will be sold, bustin bugs, and now it’s a FACT. 

Cobalt’s eight month study of 9 million VDP’s and 125 million website visits, is conclusive. VDP views are one of the highest correlations to selling cars.  

  • VDP views and time spent on VDP’s are 2 of the top 4 online sales predictors.Image
  • VDP’s with 20-30 page views spend 29% less time on the lot.
  • VDP’s with more than 30 page views spend 44% less time on the lot.

Dealers are discovering how important video is in today’s Digital Internet world. A vehicle with a search optimized video is 53 times more likely to achieve “Page One Listing” on Google. 

  Videos drive more interest, VDP (Vehicle Display Page) views, and leads that convert to Sales.  Making your vehicles stand out and separating you from the competition should be a top priority.  It is one thing to have your used car inventory on your website. It is another to take your inventory and syndicate it out after each pre-owned vehicle has been optimized with a solid walk around including Key Description Words, Custom Microsite Landing Page, Call Tracking Phone Number, Website Integration, Call to Action, VMS Integration, Lead Management, and more.  

Adding Used Car Inventory to YouTube & Craigslist:

YouTube:  With over 150 million unique visitors a month here in the USA, it makImagees perfect sense to be there. YouTube is also the 2nd biggest search engine, bowing only to Google (who owns YouTube).  Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a vehicle after watching a video. Make sure it’s YOUR video they are watching!

Craigslist:  With over 50 million unique visitors a month, Craigslist is a big time player.  However, Craigslist does not support a video player within the ad itself.  So we strategically place a hyperlink which will lead the customer to our video enhanced lead page filled with all dealership information, making sure once again, no matter where they are in the buying Imageprocess, you are there.

Bottom line: We keep you on top of the organic local search rankings for vehicles in your inventory. No matter where the car buyer is in the sales process, its covered. We design branding for awareness. We have eye-catching commercial-quality custom car videos for car buyers doing “research and comparison” and Long-tail SEO for customers that know what they want to buy and are looking for a specific vehicle by year, make, and model.

Promoting your pre-owned vehicle has never been easier.  Buying a vehicle is exciting, adrenaline-charged, and exhilarating. Nothing can create an emotional connection like video! (Think about all the videos you have watched compared to “reading about it”)!

Grab some popcorn and review videos from your competitors currently on YouTube and Craigslist. Eat fast because most likely you won’t find much. That’s not to say that some dealers have created some incredible video on display.

Why aren’t more dealers taking advantage of all the remarkable power of video?  No one likes change. Also, videos are very difficult to create with the back-end support required to create all the videos, consolidate them, integrate them into campaigns, and manage the inventory as it changes on a daily, even hourly basis.

Solutions:  We here at Digital Leads Direct (A division of Buy Mail Direct Inc) have made it very affordable. We have streamlined the process and keep overhead down (No commissioned salespeople). Our team consist of talented graphic artist, programmers, and skilled developers. So, get your video on today! Inquires Todd Vowell 916-580-5190.Image


ImageCan the argument be made that today’s car dealership would increase earnings if they fired all salespeople and implemented a new process from scratch?

Let’s start with creating a BDC. We would hire women between 35-50, pay them $20 an hour to set appointments. Most of these women would be moms with kids in school so getting to the dealership by 8:00am would be no problem.

After the BDC confirms the appointment and the customer shows up, they are welcomed with signs “putting the fun back into buying a car!” The signs also explain that no one is on commission.

We will also recruit women between 21-28 years of age to be “Ambassadors” of the dealership which consist of an attractive personal appearance, strong verbal skills for product presentation, enthusiasm, and interpersonal skills. These Ambassadors would take the customer through a detailed list of to do’s including the vehicle selection, walk around, test drive, etc.

After the test drive, the “Ambassador” ask the customer if they would like to buy the vehicle. If they say yes, we just escort them over to the F&I manager.

I can see the happy faces now of the customers. No longer do they feel intimidated or controlled. They can finally relate!

If all this sounds familiar, that means you have read Kurt Baumberger’s book “Adapt or Die”. Not only does he suggest this formula, dealers are already doing it! Is it the right thing to do? Oh, by the way, it is suggested that the salespeople could all be moved to selling only used cars since there is more profit in used cars and “there is inherently less trust between buyer and seller anyway”. (Again, in the book)

The argument is that we automate to eliminate. With all the technology today, has the salespersons duties been eliminated?

Another book, Cars and People by Anthony Douglas Ziegler, the automotive salesperson is to perform the following duties:

• Meet and greet
• Qualify and conduct fact-finding
• Build rapport
• Vehicle selection
• Inventory walk
• Present product
• Demonstration drive
• Dealership tour
• Unmask and handle objections
• Write up
• Negotiate price
• Overcome price resistance
• Conduct trade-in appraisal
• Justify trade in value
• Present finance options
• Explain financing terms and conditions
• Up sell accessories
• Cross sell finance and insurance products
• Close deal
• Resell benefits
• And more>>>

The car business is so important to America. To push the automotive salesperson out is just a big mistake. The automotive salesperson is a professional who earns every dime they make. To fire them is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Why not train them better or better yet, hire better in the first place? Look at professional salespeople like Robert Wiesman “Your Hyundai Guy”!  . You going to fire that guy? Does he not make buying a car fun again?

What is wrong with Commission?  Put everyone in America on commission. You work at McDonald’s? Commission… You want fries with that?  The “meal deal” gets you a nice, big, cold, refreshing soda with ice on this hot 105′ day? Or, Senator? Commission… You cut the deficit, you get paid. City worker? The more roads you fix, the more you get paid.

Will technology eventually replace the F&I Manager? How about the Sales Manager? If you don’t have any salespeople, do you need a salesmanger? What about the GM? Just saying! Are we going to automate all ourselves out of a job?

Let’s say you?