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Armed Forces DayArmed Forces Day is tomorrow but we don’t want to miss the one day a year set aside to celebrate our military and the opportunity to say thank you so very much. Freedom is not free.  Yes, we have all heard that. But make no mistake about it. Our military and their families make sacrifices most people could never realize. They pay the price for it and it is so very important to stop, think, and thank them anyway you can.

Could you leave your family for a year? Could you leave your family for a year realizing you may not come back? Our brave men and women do it as a way of life. Think about that. An entire year. Your young kids will be taller in a year. They will change. You will miss all the little things. Their first steps, first words.

These men and women defend our nation while we go to work everyday, play golf, do whatever we want, when ever we want. Do they do it for the money? Please… Do that do it for the fame? No. Many of them are 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation military.

Think your having a bad day?  Bills, family, screaming boss,etc. Try losing three of your best friends in one day or God for bid, your limbs.

The life many in our military live is not for the weak at heart. Don’t let tomorrow go by as just another Saturday. In today’s world of Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, it is easier than ever to express yourself.

Lets all join together tomorrow and really thank our military men and women no matter if they are retired or enlisted.

Memorial Day is for honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. But Armed Forces Day is a day to celebrate so hey, lets celebrate!

Thank you again and may God bless all who have served, are serving, and will serve.



What motivates customers to buy a new car?

It is a fair question. Its an important question. In fact, if we knew why or what specifically drove a customer to buy a new car in the first place (before we met them), not only would it help guide us in our marketing message and being relevant,  it would help build rapport.

Road and Travel has a great survey with Bigresearch (Columbus, OH) asking 7,000 respondents “what motivated you to consider buying a new car”?

Was it HUGE REBATES or LOW INTEREST RATES?  No, “incentives too good to pass up” barely made the top 10 coming in at # 9.

TOP 5 reasons that motivated that customer on your lot right to consider buying a new car (10% of market)!

5) Old Car Just Died (17.6%)
4) Wanted A Car With Better Gas Mileage (19.2%)
3) Old Car Was Always In For Repairs (20.4%)
2) Tired of Old Car, wanted Something New (22.0%)
1) Old Car Had HIGH MILEAGE (35.2%)

(note: sum of % totals is greater than 100% because they could pick more than one answer.)

If the majority of car buyers are making a purchase because their old car died, is always in for repairs or high gas mileage, we need to make sure that the marketing message is RELEVANT to them if we are going to get them to ACT. (ACT= Come down to your dealership and do business)

How positive are you that the people or person currently responsible for creating your next marketing message, truly understands this stuff and is passionate about it? 

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