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The odometer is powerful yet almost invisible with most marketing and advertising.  We are Image going to touch on why mileage is so important and how it can sell cars, lots of cars! Mileage is a powerful ingredient within all the BIG DATA talk we hear so much about today. 

Big data- What does it really mean and how does it benefit my dealership? 

To be effective and really generate car buyers, the message must be relevant to each potential customer. When you have 5,000 or even 10,000 potential car buyers, the only way to be relevant to each one is by having the absolute BEST DATA and implementing complex variable data driven content at the highest level.

Big data gives you (us) the opportunity to match up benefits and features that will be attractive and mean something to your target audience. RELEVANT!

What motivates one to consider buying a new car?  Isn’t that a key question?  It is not the only question but if we knew the answer, it would take a lot of the guess work out of all this.  Well, we do know the answer (its our job as automotive direct marketing experts to know).

In a study by BIGresearch of Columbus, Ohio, that question was submitted to 7,000 respondents in their consumer intentions and actions (CIA) survey.  35.2% said they were motivated to buy a new car because their car had high mileage.  35 percent?  That’s huge! Some of the other top reasons were, they wanted a car with better gas mileage and their current vehicle was always in for repairs.

This info is GOLD ladies and gentlemen.  Remember the old saying by Henry Ford, “We know half of our advertising is wasted, we just don’t know which half? 

Well, Mr, Ford, rest easy, we got this one just about figured out!