It has become quite the lucrative business offering up car buyers “inside information” regarding car dealership pricing and even “undercover operatives” informing the public what REALLY GOES ON AT A DEALERSHIP. What “really goes on”? Give me a break…

The only company that should benefit from shelling out “car dealership information” like pricing, incentives, saving money and so on, is the car dealerships themselves.

Don’t let other companies profit by providing your customers with information regarding the purchase of a new vehicle. No one can help your customers find the car they want, need, and can afford, better than YOU!

We already know most customers come down to the dealership with a Rambo jacket on. We know women buy half the cars and influence the other half. Most car buyers hate negotiating and going back and forth all day with a car salesman. So we defuse it before it even starts

3 Points To Put In Your Next Mailer For Success:

1) Give them helpful tips like “know your credit score before coming down to the dealership”.

2) Point them to an article such as “understanding vehicle financing”.

3) Clear up myths such as “shopping around for vehicle financing negatively impacts a consumer”s credit score. Fact: An individual’s credit score will not be negatively affected if the inquiries are made within a 14-day period.

Again, no one can take care of your customers better than you. No matter what information a car buyer receives from KBB, Edmunds, True Car, etc., regarding the purchase of a vehicle, a dealership can always offer more to their customers. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you! Customer For Life…


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