If the salesperson at a car dealership could earn the reputation of being less than ethical or even “lying scum” as one customer put it, then could a dealership salesperson also earn the reputation of being a trusted adviser and consultant? Of course they can.  In fact, they can earn a “Customer for Life”…

How do you gain a “Customer for Life”? You help them full circle with not just the purchase of their new vehicle, but the sale of their old vehicle and so much more. Imagine being the dealership in town with salespeople that are well known for educating the customer on the entire process of buying a new car, selling the old car, getting the most money for it, and getting the best financing available.

As a professional salesperson, what if you organized your own local seminar, roundtable, or speaking engagement with local community organizations? For example, you could go direct to young car buyers.

Some of the concepts that you can cover with teenagers or first time buyers include:

  • Understanding the importance of making your monthly payment on time, and how it can help build a positive credit history.
  • Negotiating the financial terms to fit your specific needs and situation.
  • Understanding the difference between buying and leasing.
  • Reading the fine print and only signing a contract that you have read, understand, and that does not contain blank spaces.
  • Asking questions about optional add-on products like extended service contracts, credit insurance, and guaranteed auto protection, and only signing up for the products you need and want.

If a professional automotive salesperson was willing to go hold a seminar like this for seniors at a local High School, what message would it also send home to the parents of these kids? Would it not send home a message that you truly do want to help your customers purchase a vehicle that is right for them and you really do want a “Customer for Life”?

Not to digress, but local high school cheerleaders and other groups are always trying to raise money for uniforms, trips, etc. by having a car wash. They are always at the shopping center pulling water from the Taco Bell or Burger King. Why not invite them to your dealership for a weekend? You want to “make some noise” when someone buys a car, watch cheerleaders! In fact, invite them on a weekend that you are having a BIG DIRECT MAIL SALES EVENT or whatever else your dealership does to promote that occasional “BIG WEEKEND EVENT”!

The automotive dealership is the heart and soul of most communities. There is no reason to have the reputation that some have. It will take a grass roots campaign, but before you know it, your dealership could be the “go to” dealership for your market. “Customer for Life” can and will happen for the dealership that is truly committed to their community.


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