Any dealership that has ran a direct mail promotion the past 30 years has been frustrated at one time or another over people just coming in for a “free gift”.  The salespeople are the ones that are actually frustrated because they are the ones spending their valuable weekend time greeting ups who don’t want to buy a car, rather they just want the free gift, then go.  Or so they think. It depends who you ask. We will save that argument for another day.

Today, we want to give you three ways to fight back and eliminate this challenge before it even starts. Here you go!

1) Have an algorithm that EVERYONE understands and follows.  This formula MUST BE UNAMBIGUOUS.  Not only does it keep all of your team members on the same page, it rollorcoastalso gets the customer “married” or committed to the event and that is so critical for real success. Like a rollercoaster, once you’re on the ride and the safety bars come down, it’s on! No turning back now!

So here is an algorithm example:

  • Customer parks in this area only, one way in, one way out.
  • Customer greeted and escorted into showroom.
  • They are checked in, and salesperson continues to takes interest in their trade!
  • “Wait, it’s a 1974 AMC Matador Coupe with only 237,132 miles on it”?   74 Matador Coupe
  • I have a buyer for that car! Can we take a look at it?
  • Land on new car, get five liner, take a test drive.
  •  While Matador is being appraised, get commitment to buy when figures are agreeable.
  •  This is just an example, meet with your team and create your own!

2) Add a test drive to the letter. One of the most common comments customers make on Monday morning is “I can’t believe I bought a new car over the weekend because I really just came down for the free gift”.

When all the senses are stimulated, it can be overpowering. It’s one thing to “see” a vehicle (sorry Internet). But to sit in a new (or newer) vehicle and “feel it” is a different story all together. Then, to smell the new porche insidecar when you’re sitting in the newly designed cabin? Forget it…  The “NEW CAR SMELL” is legendary. It certainly delights the senses. Let’s not forget that “sound” when you slide into a nice leather captain chair. There is nothing like it!  After that test drive when your salesperson shows the customer just how affordable that new vehicle is, it is extremely difficult for the customer to get back into their old car.

3) Make the gift something that buys you the most expensive commodity known to mankind; Time… Yes time is extremely valuable when your job is to sell someone the most expensive item most people will ever buy in their lifetime (not including a house).  For  timeexample, make the free gift a Free Lube, Oil, and Filter. This gets you at least 30 minutes with the customer to take a test drive, talk about benefits, features, safety, value of their trade and how it will never be worth more than it is today.


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