first ad 1000 wordsSo a picture is worth a thousand words?  Or better yet “One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words”.  That phrase first appeared in a 1913 newspaper ad from an Auto supply company in Ohio. The notion is basically that a complex idea or message can be conveyed with just a simple image. Is it true? Absolutely.

Buick Inside

If there was an ad that said, “the interior of the new Buick is beautiful, smooth and luxurious”. People would say, “really, great, yawn”… How do we know? We asked people. Then we showed them a picture. The response was, “That’s a Buick? Really? That’s sweet!”  Which one has a bigger impact on you, the 12 words or this picture?

So when is the last time you had a discussion regarding images and pictures with that marketing company that is doing your direct mail? Where do they get their images from? What is the quality or resolution? Do they buy them (they are NOT cheap) or do they just go to “Google images” and search key words for “New Ford” or “Cash Give-a-way” and grab them for free?

There is a better way. There are companies that actually specialize in automotive images. They take them very serious because it is their livelihood. They go to great trouble to capture that one image that really says this vehicle has class (or durability, safety, style, torque, Horsepower, etc.)

broke down on the phone

How does all this improve my mailer? People are hanging on to their vehicles today longer than ever before in history (over 11 years now is nation average). So if we are doing a direct mail promotion to people who own vehicles eight years and older, would a vehicle broken down on the side of road in 100 degree heat or a snow storm mean something to the reader? (Yes, that was rhetorical…)

Pictures are powerful all right. In fact, you can take it even further by ofbroke downfering a “highway emergency kit” to everyone that comes in for the event. There are so many options. If you are mailing to families, you can show the family vehicle broken down. If you are mailing to women, same thing. There are many other examples. This is just one.

Traditional mail is powerful and pictures are the steroids that make Direct Mail Marketing even more powerful than a locomotive! 


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