iPad Air pic2Buy Mail Direct is rewarding aggressive automotive dealerships who run a qualified targeted automotive digital/direct mail marketing event in November. The reward is an Apple iPad Air. How sweet is that?  How does this help dealerships sell more cars? Here you go!

3 Ways To Turn More Profits With Your New iPad Air:

1) Have Buy Mail Direct add a Personal URL to your direct mail event (turning it digital ) and put the following offer on your direct mail piece: Log on to your personal website now to pre-register for the event and a chance to win the all new Apple iPad Air, guaranteed to be given away!

2) Bring it to your sales meeting Saturday morning and tell all your salespeople that today’s top gross producer takes home this iPad Air tonight – Good selling and good luck!

3) Give it to your greeter (or whatever you call that individual at your dealership responsible for customer service) to use when making sure that the dealership has all critical information from every individual that visits the dealership during the event and beyond.  (Including name, current address, phone number, email, vehicle, etc.)

Buy Mail Direct Special Offer Includes:

  • 10,000 Piece Mailer
  • Postage
  • Four Color
  • Targeted Mailing List
  • Full Support
  • Creative Services
  • Training Videos

Internet Price: $5,995  (Sign Up By Nov. 29, Receive An Apple iPad Air)

For more information: Todd Vowell 916-259-1751 or Cell 916-580-5190


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