Traditional Direct Mail Marketing vs. Internet Marketing – Round Two!

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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FamilyAll parents face the day when the kids grow up and before you know it, you’re handing over the car keys. Eventually, parents either buy a good pre-owned vehicle for their kid or “hand it down” and buy themselves a new car. Either way, first time car buyers are born every day!

Car dealers can really have fun with this one and gain new customers early on. Customers for life starting in the teen years, makes “cents” for any business.

The Contest: Who Can Reach and Invite ALL familys with Children ages 15-18 into the dealership!radius

We will use direct mail marketing. We already ran a demographic market study analysis consisting of a five mile radius around our local big Roseville Auto Mall! We have 46,241 households to hit normally but when you select specifically, family’s with kid’s age range 15-18, it is knocked down significantly to 5,831 households to hit! We will send an invite out to each household… How many family’s around your dealership? Click Here!

How you doing!

You get to use Internet marketing. It can be anything you like. How about Social media, Emails, Facebook, Google, PPC, Twitter, anything you want!  Maybe they will all log onto TrueCar or some other lead website!? Anyway, good luck!


Did you miss Round one? Click Here, enjoy!


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