Radical and Unconventional – DOMINATE!

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Let me take you back to “Finding Nemo” and Dory is telling Nemo’s father to just “let go”, as they hang on for dear life in the back of the whale’s throat. Nemo’s dad was convinced if he let go, he would end up in the whale’s stomach as dinner. Of course as the story goes, Dory convinced Nemo’s dad to finally let go, and the whale blew them both out his blowhole to safety.

That is my favorite way to explain how dealers dominate their market. It truly does take a “leap of faith”. Anyone can be average. That is why there are so many. But only one dealer can dothink diffminate a market.

To be more specific, you have to be a little radical and unconventional. History and guys like Steve Jobs (the crazies) prove that. If you go to a car dealership’s website, you usually see the same basic content: Specials, trade-in worth, financing, and a picture floating across the screen trying to talk to me. That is not radical or unconventional but it is the complete opposite.  (“Specials and incentives” barely made the top 10 reasons people buy a car)

Direct mail marketing is a great place to take the radical and unconventional road that leads to dominating the market. Most dealers still think of direct mail as just something you use once in a while to build traffic up for a weekend and try to sell as many cars as possible (it’s a numbers game). This drives me crazy and can’t be more wrong.

With all the advancements in technology, data, and printing itself, that is just not true. With the right direct mail marketing company, dealers can strike fast; generate leads, by using small mailings packed with content filled with information that directly relates to the segment we are mailing to.

I hear you! You’re asking “then why do direct mail companies still push and sell big 10,000-25,000 piece mailers”? Answer? Money… Most direct mail companies have salespeople on commission and bonus that push volume. Printers don’t earn profit if they are not printing so the big automotive direct mail companies that brag about printing in-house (you know who they are) have to be printing 24/7 or they don’t earn any money. How do I know? Been there, done that.  The direct mail company with 50 salespeople calling on dealers, selling as much mail as possible, and then printing it on our equipment. It’s what worked at the time (1990-2008).

Times have changed. This is post-2008 (the year we started Buy Mail Direct Inc).  Advances in technology especially in printing, has changed the rules. We don’t need to do huge mailers all the time. What are theseBizManSurprised big direct mail companies that have been around for 10, 20+ years going to do?  They own printing equipment, inserters, folders, ink jetters, etc. They have salespeople galore, massive square feet leased or owned, and have a $400,000 nut every month, just to break even! They are stuck. They have to push volume or sink.

We here at Buy Mail Direct have a network of trusted trade commercial printers that allow us the ability to print and drop your mail from facilities across the country. If there is a snow storm in Chicago or time is of the essence, we can move your mail to drop elsewhere. Plus, we are online with dozen of the world’s top data companies, along with our own formulas that we keep locked up and protected. We have replaced salespeople with technology nerds and creative artist. Our technology nerds build digital internet applications that tie into our direct mail. They don’t sell but boy can they create mail pieces that bring RESULTS.

Simple economics 101: Our dealer customers pay less, when we don’t pay out high commissions and bonuses.

We only go round once. Why not dominate your market? Why not put the pedal to the metal? Thame and raet’s the best part of the car business. Car dealers and GM’s didn’t get where they are at by being like everyone else. It is a contest of ideas.

Merry Christmas!

Todd Vowell


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