crazy funny portraitsMost car dealers and aggressive forward thinking GM’s are still not using their biggest asset (You) to increase business and grab market share. We at BMD visit hundreds of dealership websites weekly. Even the dealerships that choose to show staff members with pictures on their website have that awful generic staff member picture for “upper management”.

Start the New Year right and hire a professional photographer today! Get your dealerships biggest asset (you) working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Running the risk of pissing someone off, please get a professional, you can afford it. We recently found a dealership GM with the “men’s rest room sign” in the back drop (no joke)!

When is the last time your picture was on the direct mail piece?  When you add your picture to successful direct mail events like the “Buy Back” or “Trade Up”, you are adding  more than just your picture. You are adding validity, emotion, relevancy, strength, legitimacy, sincerity, and so much more.

Your image on a direct mail piece is linked closely to response. Your goal should be to prompt an emotional response (that goes for any campaign). It is emotion NOT REASON that typically drives customers’ purchasing decisions.  There should be other images on the piece as well, but yours is the most important.

There are other critical factors that drive overall success of the campaign like complex variable data and the multichannel approach. We will touch on those and more soon. But, first things first. Get pretty for the camera and get your professional photo shoot done and in the books. It is so important.


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