snow superbowl

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. All talk is on the weather for this Super Bowl. It is being played outdoors in the cold NY/NJ area right in the middle of winter!

Buy Mail Direct, the leader in ideas and Direct Mail Marketing is inviting dealers from coast to coast to create fun and excitement for customers buying cars, RV’s, and Motorcycles.

Goes like this:

Purchase or lease a new vehicle on January 24th or 25th and if the temperature is 10 degrees or lower AT KICK OFF (snow or not), all customers who bought will enjoy NO PAYMENTS for the first full year, or $5,000 cash!  Do you keep $5,000 used cars? Then anyone who buys a car, will get it free, if its 10° or lower! It’s that easy…

It’s all about being different. It’s all about having fun. Separate from the pack this year and have fun doing it. Call Todd Vowell, owner of Buy Mail Direct for more information. Deadline is coming up fast so don’t delay!


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