Attention Millennial First Time Car Buyers!

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

stop whiningStop! Stop the whining! Stop hyperventilating when the thought of buying a new car crosses your mind.

Just Stop It!

Your parents. Your parents parents. Even your parents parents parents, all bought cars before you and lived to tell about it.

I Realize you are concerned that the dealership might earn money off you. Be rest assured, they will!  It is called capitalism. It is how you (or your parents) got the money for the down payment on the car your buying.

OK no more zingers and all kidding aside. I have read car dealership reviews on-line from around the country for years now, and it seems the younger they are, the more vulgar they are. It is clear that some people have no problem calling the local car dealer a liar, cheat, scum, rat, and all kinds of other words not fit for print. Why do some people feel it is ok to trash an entire industry anyway?

Please, stop and think about it. The Internet can be so helpful, yet so hurtful sometimes.  If you were treated wrong at a dealership, go somewhere else or ask for someone else. You were raised with computers and the Internet, so you and your kids will decide the future of it.

How many car dealers, managers, and/or salespeople do you really know?  Did you know most car dealers give back to their communities thousands of dollars every year to help with the homeless, the hungry, our military, youth groups, education, first responders, to name a few. Managers and salespeople volunteer their time on a day off to get involved in local charities. I could share so many incredible stories with you from all over this great country. You don’t hear about it because that’s not why they do it…

How about Mr. Frank Blankenbeckler from Texas. His family opened their Chevy dealership in 1926. They have been supporting the local community for almost 100 years.  They employ over 90 people in their home town of Waxahachie and generate over a million dollars in tax revenue every year. That is 90 people, 90 families with kids, college, homes, restaurants, furniture, doctor visits, groceries, etc. This dealer received a “shut down” letter from GM a few years back during the big bankruptcy. The owner Mr. Blankenbeckler flew to Washington and fought. He fought hard including testifying before Congress. His store is now open today. Who wouldn’t want to buy a car from this dealer?

Or how about Mr. and Mrs. Lee Carlson in Minnesota. Their dealership weathered wars and economic storms but also received a letter from GM that their contract will be terminated. After 90 years in business and supporting the local community as well, they were told to just hang it up, call it a day, from one letter. This is just incredible. They also fought back and are open today for business. This family did not deserve all that. Car dealers do not have a walk in the park.  These are hard-working men and women that inspire us all!.

A few questions for you. Why does it bother you so much that car dealerships earn money from your automotive purchase anyway? Is it because you think they earn too much money? How much is too much? Do you get just as upset and worried when you buy other items like a DVD player, jewelry, or a couch?

There has been so much concern for so long, that companies now post not only what the dealer paid for their new inventory, but even what other customers paid. So believe me, dealers know this, understand it, and realize they must be super competitive up front or risk lost business. That means you will get a great deal. The dealership will earn very little money. So relax, celebrate!

Now that we have all that out-of-the-way, go have some fun buying your new car! Get just the right color. Test drive them all. Make a day of it. You will be amazed what they have done with technology in the newer models. When you’re not all stressed out, you can think clear and really have fun!

Oh and you don’t need to change your voice and call the dealership. You don’t need to make up a namebouncer when you fill out a form on the internet. There is no need to bring a kick boxer or “security” with you when you go to the dealership either.

You can do this! It is so easy and so fun. A lot  of dealerships even post “how to buy a car stress-free” on their website!  Car dealerships want to make buying a car fun for you. Why? They want and need good reviews. They want you back! They know you won’t come back if you’re not treated right. It’s a no-brainer really.

Do you realize what you are missing? Buying a new car, especially the first one is so exciting. Not only is it an accomplishment, it will be a part of you forever. EVERYONE REMEMBERS THEIR FIRST! You may even call your new car some cool nickname. My first brand new car bought right off the showroom floor at Chico Nissan was a 1988 Nissan Maxima or my “Madmax” if you don’t mind…  50 years from now, you will forget a lot of stuff. But you won’t forget the first car you bought, guaranteed. Now, GO BUY THAT NEW CAR with confidence and a smile!1988 nissan max


A Concerned Baby Boomer (No that’s not me up top)…


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