EITCTax season has officially kicked off! February is PRIME TIME!  Billions of dollars will be pumped into the economy this month (last year, over $63 billion with just the EITC alone) Are your customers “checking EITC Eligibility” this Tax Season?  This is when car dealers need to be aggressive. Right now!

With the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit), CAR BUYERS in your market can get back a ton of money within 21 days of filing! The IRS is actually asking for everyone to HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

Your customers need to pay attention because this EITC credit can be worth up to $6,044!  At no time over the next year will most people receive this type of cash in one lump sum!

irs badge carHow can you help more?

Link your website to: www.irs.goc/eitc

Spread the word to customers, for example:

Don’t guess about EITC eligibility; find out with the new and improved EITC Assistant, only at IRS.go

Don’t forget $panish! (No adivine si es elegible para el EITC; averígüelo con el nuevo y renovado asistente EITC, sólo en IRS.gov)

How can Dealerships target consumers receiving a refund this year?

There is only one way and it’s not Facebook, True Car, Radio, TV, or Internet!

That’s right, its Direct Mail Marketing! Make sure you team up with an EXPERT at Geographic and complex Demographics! You want to send the message to people who will be gMiniToy Social Target Groupetting a return, not paying!

This is a small window. Again the IRS gets this money back to the consumer fast (within 21 days). February is PRIME TIME for Tax Mailers! Don’t let your competition have all the fun.

For more information (and we have a lot, you will be pumped) and samples, contact Todd Vowell ASAP-

 Buy Mail Direct 916-259-1751


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