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Car dealerships can really help local residents get money they have coming back to them, from the Earned Income Tax Credit!  Managers, salespeople, and even the service department can use Social Media and just dive in to help get the word out. ( One in five workers qualify for EITC money, but don’t file for it, each year.)

Who are these people? Most of them:

  • Live in rural areas
  • Self-employed or income from farm/ business
  • Are disabled
  • Have no qualifying child
  • Are not proficient in English
  • Are older (grandparents)
  • Have no filing requirement
  • Are recently divorced, have reduced income, are unemployed, or are experiencing other changes to their marital, financial, or parental status

This Will Get You Started:

  • Here are some sample tweets your dealership team can send out: Click here!
  • Want to mention this in your newsletter? Here, the article has been written for you: Click Here!
  • Also, here are Social Media Pictures, banners, and posters for your own “Break Room”: Click Here!
  • Want to post Tax Tips on your dealership Facebook to help people there as well? Click Here!
  • In our state of California, our average EITC check amount was $2,331. What about your state?
  • More Hispanics than any other race in states like California, so send in Spanish where needed!
  • Grab an iPad, or Smart phone and make some videos (have fun) on qualifying for a lot of money back, but not filing for it. Throw them up on your YouTube (6 billion hours watched each month) channel.

There are many other ways but go to the IRS website and just surf around. You will find a lot of information. This is just another way your dealership can take the lead in your market and help people by just alerting them to critical information they may have missed.

The best part? Your whole team can get involved and help good hard working people. Families need every penny they can get these days. You help people get money they didn’t know they had coming, where are they going to spend it? Even if they don’t, you know how it works. What goes around comes around.

For the best way to bring the people in that have filed and are waiting for their tax return check (that will  spend it within 48 hours), direct mail marketing is the only way to reach ALL OF THEM with a solid message that actually brings them in to your dealership. Hope all this is helpful. Thanks and have a blessed day!


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