The best part about today’s professionally executed automotive direct mail marketing is using advanced complex variable data with highly targeted Geo and Demographics (like Year, Make, and Model) to reach out and touch every customer, every month with a unique message. Each message is different and that makes each message relevant to each and every customer. You will also save time and money doing it.

Today’s busy Dealer/General Manager would love to sit down and write every customer who purchased or leased a vehicle in the past ten years a personal letter thanking them again for the business, and making an offer to buy the vehicle back from them at an attractive price.

Better yet, lets say the dealership is a Mercedes-Benz store and would also like to write a personal letter (with an offer to buy), to everyone else in that 60 mile radius of the dealership that owns or is leasing a BMW, Audi, Volvo, Porsche, Bentley,  Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, etc. as well.

The biggest challenge again is time. Of course the dealership would be rewarded with several extremely nice trades and of course the dealership would sell a good number of new and pre-owned Mercedes. But again, time is money and it is just impossible for a General Manager to sit down and write 10,000 personal letters. Until now…

We have been talking, shouting and blogging about the advances in digital and print for years now. Finally the message is getting through. This is not yesterdays “spray and pray” direct mail!  No, this is new, incredibly effective and powerful, result driven, complex variable data printing at its best. Add a couple of stamps and a business card for the ultimate personal touch delivery!

Even the ultimate “naysayers” that think luxury vehicle buyers won’t respond to direct mail (to smart) can’t argue with the effectiveness and results of today’s digital and complex variable data print and marketing.

By partnering with experts in complex variable data print, any car dealership can deliver all customers and prospects a personal unique message that is RELEVANT to each customer and drives them to the Internet, phone, text, or good old fashion “come on down to the dealership”. The key is giving each customer what they want most, (choices).

If a dealership does see the value in this type of advanced automotive digital and direct mail marketing, it is even more important to pay close attention to the data. Experts in this business know the value and importance of having the absolute BEST DATA available when utilizing this type of mailer. It is important to NEVER CUT CORNERS when it comes to data for this mailer. Save money in postage, paper, envelope, commissions, or whatever. But just DON’T CUT CORNERS with the data purchase and process!

Run a demographic market study analysis to see what numbers are available in your market and reach out with an offer they can’t refuse. This type of mailer is not cheap compared to other less effective mailers but work with an owner not on commission if possible. You will save a ton of money without cutting any valuable corners. You will have your best results ever!


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