“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Coach John Woodencoach wooden2

March Madness is in the air. What would the results of your next “Big Event” be if you prepared your salespeople and managers the same way Coach John Wooden prepared his basketball teams for The “Big Game?”  After all, your Big Event is like the Big Game, right?

How much time and effort did top management invest into preparing everyone for your last Direct Mail Marketing “Big Event”? Some Dealerships prepare for the Big Event by adding it to their weekly “sales meeting” like this: “OK ladies and gentlemen, please remember to put all keys back where they belong after test drives. Next up, we have a direct mail promo going this weekend so people should be coming in with letters. We are spending good money to bring in this extra traffic so sell sell sell!”  Thankfully its only a few…

Let’s go back to the main question.  What if your team prepared for the Big Event with as much effort and time that coach Wooden prepared his team for the Big Game?  I guess we would call that a rhetorical question but we still need to examine it.

The mind is as important or even more, when it comes to prep and getting ready for something big, right? One pessimist (that you may not even know about) is all it takes to ground your Big Event before it even takes off. Add the fact that the one pessimist happens to be your current “top dog” and you could have even bigger problems.

I have always called my “Top Dog” the ring leader or union leader. If I need the salespeople to do or believe in something, I enlist my ring leader fist, because they have a lot of pull. If I have their support, it’s easier to get everyone else on board. (This goes for other things as well like new pay plans, changing CRM software, etc.)

Too many dealerships go around saying “direct mail doesn’t work around here” or “we did direct mail and people just came in for the free gift, we didn’t really sell any cars”. The blame weighs more on the company who sold the event than the dealership. Advertising companies and “marketing companies” that have never even been inside a dealership, much less in the car business, are selling mailers to car dealers and that’s it. They don’t know the first thing about prep so they just sell the mailer based on colors, fonts, and burst!

There are thousands of dealerships nationwide that prepare their team well before every Big Event. They have it down. They practice, they drill, and they rehearse. Every I is dotted, every t is crossed. I know because we have done business with many of them for over 20 years. The smart manager/dealer is the one that realizes they don’t have all the answers and want to learn more because that is how you get better. They see the value and are willing to take the time to prepare right.

“I’d rathecoash wooden shhhhr have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent.” Coach Wooden

There are a lot of young managers out there that know how to sell cars, desking, F&I, and so on. But when it comes to preparing everyone for an upcoming $20,000 Big Event investment, they never received any real training, so they do their best. If they had the right training and guidance, they would be increasing market share and selling double what they sell now. That’s because direct mailcoach wooden marketing now is executed in concert with a good smart digital strategy as well.

You want to grow the dealership and gain market share? You want to crush the competition?  Make sure you prepare your people (and dealership) just like The Big Game. Put as much effort as Coach Wooden did preparing his team for the Big Game, and you may even surprise yourself. Good luck, good selling, and GAME ON!


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