Unprecedented Promotional Assault!chevy boost

If I’m a Chevy dealer this morning reading the Automotive News, I’m planning out my March with a little extra “mojo” on the chalk board.

If I am NOT a Chevy dealer this morning, I have just been pointed at with the index finger,  “Meet me out at the bike rack, three o’clock sharp!” Know what I mean?

Are you fired up this morning? Are you pumped? Don’t you love to compete? Its on for March baby, it on!

So its on for March. The inventories have swollen and as we said a few weeks ago, the competition is fierce. The Internet is great for people who have decided to buy and are already “in the sales funnel”. Have I said how much I hate the sales funnel? The funnel is great for not getting oil on my engine when I pour but besides that, give me a break! Since when in the car business do we wait around until someone is interested in buying a car? Not this cowboy and not the dealers we do business with, that’s for sure.

In the full article (Automotive News), it says and I quote, “GM plans to back the promotion with heavy advertising, including direct mail to existing Silverado owners”. (I’m sorry but we have seen and done “manufacturer direct mail”. I have seen sharper teeth on a house fly! They are using direct mail because its the most effective tool still today at reaching targeted audiences.)

One more thing. I still call a few dealers everyday that I do not know. Yesterday, got a dealer on the phone that said “We don’t do direct mail. We tried it and it didn’t work”. Folks, there are five other dealers in his town that are delighted. Sending your customers and people who own the product you sell a hand written letter telling them you want to buy it should not even be called direct mail. Its called “Intelligent Marketing“!

“Direct mail” is not some universal term that represents all direct mail styles. There is direct mail that is an embarrassment to our industry that should be taken out back to the woodshed and then there is hard hitting, complex variable data, multichannel, digital and direct mail marketing messages that MOVE METAL!

If you want the best in the business and you want your money to go into the event (not sales commissions, bonuses, Presidents, Vice Presidents, over rides,closers, etc.) , call us now. Its GO TIME!

Inquires – Todd Vowell


Cell 916-580-5190



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