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The week after Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that makes driving autonomous cars legal in California, Google’s Anthony Levandowski said he expects his company to have them on the market in five years. Read on to learn more on the Emergency Steer Assist brought to you by the automotive experts at Motor Trend.

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So the next time someone makes me want to drive my car off a cliff or into a brick wall, I don’t even have to be in it! How great is that? Wait a minute…

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So the print industry is shrinking. Is that news to anyone? Of course not. Everyone is quick to point out that Newspaper and Magazine sales, subscriptions, and even books have taken a hit.  Let’s not forget what the huge conglomerate online print companies have done to the local printing company up the street next to the “hardware store” as well.

Lets talk solutions. One big one is Direct Mail. With some printing companies, you even mention Direct Mail to the boss, it’s like they bit into a ripe lemon. So be forewarned, this article may not be for you. There is the old saying though, “The mind is like a parachute, it works better when open.”

It is kind of ironic, the crystal ball was telling everyone that the Internet will mean the end of direct mail. Direct mail said I don’t think so. Actually the market spoke. There are many polls and reports but every one of them has direct mail on top when it comes to likeability and trust factor.

In fact the Internet has actually caused an increase in Direct Mail (at least within the automotive industry).  Success is now defined as a Direct Mail campaign combined with other channels or simply an Automotive Multichannel, Digital/Direct Mail Campaign.

The Automotive business (and this should include RV’s, Boats, and Motorcycle dealerships as well) is back in a big way. The Automotive industry invests billions of dollars in direct Mail marketing every year. From the small 5,000 piece highly targeted complex variable data mailer with PURL to the 100,000 piece saturation mailer, the automotive industry does it. In fact, think about the town you live in. How many companies spend more on advertising than the local car dealership?

Why don’t we hear more about it? You think the companies enjoying this business want their competition to know about it? Nope.

So how does a printer get to know more about Direct Mail and even more specifically the Automotive Digital/Direct Mail industry? It certainly is a niche. But there is someone who has 30 years of Printing and Automotive Digital/Direct Mail campaign experience. Todd Vowell. Automotive, Boat, and RV dealerships have invested over 130 million dollars in his campaigns. Vowell has trained over 2,000 people. He has written, developed, and sold over 35,000 campaigns nationwide, over four decades.

“A local commercial printer could add $100,000 a month revenue in less than 60 days if they ecommit3xecute correctly” Vowell recently said. “A million dollars in a year, but it takes commitment from the top down! It is exciting but is not for everyone” he continued.

No matter if you currently do Direct Mail Marketing or not, Automotive Digital/Direct Mail can change a Printing companies direction completely. Print companies can produce profits and grow during the most challenging times, if they are willing to invest, keep an open mind, and commit 100%.

For more information, contact Todd Vowell

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6x9 on yellow


Sending customers, prospects, and leads a personal “one to one” message using a handwriting font can actually build relationships. Even though the Internet has forever changed commerce, selling cars is still all about people and the “human element” is more important than ever. Nothing is more powerful than a personal note using complex variable data to let a customer know you want to earn their business.

Investment Includes:

  • Custom Message
  • Invitation Style Blue Envelope
  • Yellow Notepad Letter
  • Match Mail
  • Script Font
  • Postage Live Stamp
5,000 Piece: $3,695
10,000 Piece: $6,795

(Plus List, Add a Business Card For 5 Cents)



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Considering car buyers only go to an average 1.5 dealerships now, its best not to take the chance that you are the one. Call in reinforcements, drive them to your dealership by offering them a bribe. A legal one naturally, like gift cards! 

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Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of over 625,000 employees at the Postal Service, today described a changing attitude toward direct mail as a means of attracting and retaining customers.

He is 100% also when he said “We’re seeing mail being used in some tremendous new ways–especially as part of integrated marketing campaigns, all of this is leading to a reappraisal of the role of mail in the marketing mix–and we’re starting to see the beginnings of that reappraisal.”

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national vehicle buyback tour3

Car Buyers Are Back So Make It Fun. Nothing moves metal like a full, all out Direct & Digital Media Blitz. With Social Media in full swing, no need to go spend thousands of dollars on TV ads.

Buy Back Tour T-Shirt

With an intelligent, multichannel approach through Direct Mail and Internet, dealers can flood the lot with car buyers,without spending up the wazoo!

You Will Want To Film This One And Take Pics Of Winners To Post On All Your Social Media Channels To Congratulate All The Winners. Then, Use Them When You Run Again In The Summer, You Will Have Even MORE Car Buyers Lined Up Out The Door Baby!


The Value Of A Snow and Road Beaten East Coast Car Is Not The Same As a West Coast, Nice Weather Car!
The Investment!
The More Time You Give Us To Set Up, Prepare, and Allow Content To Flow Through Social Media Channels, THE BETTER!
  • One Channel Direct Mail – Investment: $5,575
  • Two Channel, Direct Mail & Digital Email Broadcast – Investment: $6,499
  • Multichannel, Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media – Investment: $8,999  
  • Multichannel, Direct and Email, Social Media, and Dealership Decor: $9,999

A la carte:

  • Variety Pack Of 100 ($25, $50, $100, $250) Discount Gift Cards: $975
  • Insurance on $30,000 For Car or Cash Give-a-way: $900
  • Tour T-Shirts: $480

(Your investment goes toward your event not commissions, bonuses, over rides, VP of Sales, Etc.)

  • Direct Mail (10,000)
  • Email (10,000)
  • Digital Prize Board App (Need iPad)
  • Capture Emails & Cell Numbers of All Who Attend For Follow-up
  • Hooks For Prize Board ($25, $50, $100, and $250 Gift Cards)   GiftcardsAllDemon1
  • Voice Broadcast (Your Voice or Ours, Distributed to ALL Your Customers!)
  • Personal URL With Custom Landing Page
  • QR Codes (Quick Response Codes provide your customers with a smart phone, to quickly get to the on-line information)
  • Massive Social Media Distribution (Post up to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Video Broadcast (You or us, Distributing the message and excitement out to YouTube)
  • Dealership Themed Decoration
  • Huge Banner!
  • Themed Hang Tags 
  • Big Office Posters
  • Nice Custom Themed Showroom Posters
  • Themed Badges (Yes we need stinking badges)
  • Big 17 inch Balloons
  • HUGE 5 ½ Foot Balloons   USA

Call The owner Todd Vowell Today!


Cell 916-580-5190




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You have seen the signs — “SHAME!,” “UNFAIR!” — usually in big red letters, occasionally accompanied by a giant inflatable rat. They’re the tactics of local labor unions nationwide, which picket businesses accused of poor worker treatment and in the process inflict some financial pain in the form of unwelcome attention.

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Its All Just A Contest Of Ideas!

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