the campaignCam ▪ paign

/kam ‘ pān/


  1. A series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.


  1. Work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one.


So, we now have the official definition of the “Campaign.” Full disclosure, the word “military” in the definition was a surprise but let’s go with it (btw, a big thank you to our military and the brave men and women who defend this country 24/7, 365.) Plus, it may help us explain how to execute a strong successful campaign that delivers an ROI most only read about because they fear “pulling the trigger” on an all-out, full throttle, balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, CAMPAIGN!

 A Digital/Direct Mail Campaign is not a “one mailer and done” process by any means. One popular response we hear all the time is, “yes we tried direct mail but it just doesn’t work around here.” Translation (in military terms) is “yes, we tried dropping some bombs but we lost”.

To win militarily, you need a strong Multichannel Military including a well thought out plan and strategy to cover oceans (Navy and Coast Guard), ground (Army), air (Air Force), land, air, and sea (The Marines).military bat cam

To win and enjoy a huge ROI for your dealership, requires the same formula: a strong multichannel approach including a well thought out plan and strategy.

 This includes reaching all car buyers in your market. This is accomplished with a comprehensive Digital (Emails, PURL’s, Social Media, Videos, PPC, QR Codes, Mobile, Lead Pages, Etc.), Direct Marketing (Direct Mail using complex variable data to target specific GEO and Demographics), Traditional (Radio, TV, Newspaper), and Showroom (Posters, Banners, Music, Excitement, Food, Drinks, Etc.)

Does your dealership really need all of these channels for success and a strong ROI? Absolutely not. But on the other hand, to do just one, like direct mail (one drop), then say “it doesn’t work?” That doesn’t fly either. The more channels you tap, the more buyers will respond. The more times your message is heard, the higher the response will be. The more RELEVANT the message is to each car buyer, the better your chances of getting that car buyer behind the wheel for the all important “test drive”.

MiniToy Social Target GroupThe actual market you are in, is just as important. There is no “one stop solution” for every dealership. If you are in Paducah, Kentucky, you may need only two or three channels to hit that market good. There is one of each (manufacture).  If you are in Los Angeles, Ca where one black and white full page ad is $137,595 it’s a different ballgame (been playing it here in Cali for over 27 years). There is a Ford, Chevy, and Toyota dealership about every 5 miles (if that). You also have multiple languages to consider.

An automotive dealership (or any business) that wants to enjoy big ROI for their investment, has to have a well thought out plan that includes executing a Multi-channel Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. Some car buyers only respond to direct mail, some email, some radio, some videos, some newspaper, and so on. Every market is different and requires experience, skill, and a company that has done its homework, knows these markets backward and forward, and eats, drinks, sleeps, and breathes this stuff!


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