The National Vehicle Buyback Tour Is Coming To Your Town!

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

national vehicle buyback tour3

Car Buyers Are Back So Make It Fun. Nothing moves metal like a full, all out Direct & Digital Media Blitz. With Social Media in full swing, no need to go spend thousands of dollars on TV ads.

Buy Back Tour T-Shirt

With an intelligent, multichannel approach through Direct Mail and Internet, dealers can flood the lot with car buyers,without spending up the wazoo!

You Will Want To Film This One And Take Pics Of Winners To Post On All Your Social Media Channels To Congratulate All The Winners. Then, Use Them When You Run Again In The Summer, You Will Have Even MORE Car Buyers Lined Up Out The Door Baby!


The Value Of A Snow and Road Beaten East Coast Car Is Not The Same As a West Coast, Nice Weather Car!
The Investment!
The More Time You Give Us To Set Up, Prepare, and Allow Content To Flow Through Social Media Channels, THE BETTER!
  • One Channel Direct Mail – Investment: $5,575
  • Two Channel, Direct Mail & Digital Email Broadcast – Investment: $6,499
  • Multichannel, Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media – Investment: $8,999  
  • Multichannel, Direct and Email, Social Media, and Dealership Decor: $9,999

A la carte:

  • Variety Pack Of 100 ($25, $50, $100, $250) Discount Gift Cards: $975
  • Insurance on $30,000 For Car or Cash Give-a-way: $900
  • Tour T-Shirts: $480

(Your investment goes toward your event not commissions, bonuses, over rides, VP of Sales, Etc.)

  • Direct Mail (10,000)
  • Email (10,000)
  • Digital Prize Board App (Need iPad)
  • Capture Emails & Cell Numbers of All Who Attend For Follow-up
  • Hooks For Prize Board ($25, $50, $100, and $250 Gift Cards)   GiftcardsAllDemon1
  • Voice Broadcast (Your Voice or Ours, Distributed to ALL Your Customers!)
  • Personal URL With Custom Landing Page
  • QR Codes (Quick Response Codes provide your customers with a smart phone, to quickly get to the on-line information)
  • Massive Social Media Distribution (Post up to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Video Broadcast (You or us, Distributing the message and excitement out to YouTube)
  • Dealership Themed Decoration
  • Huge Banner!
  • Themed Hang Tags 
  • Big Office Posters
  • Nice Custom Themed Showroom Posters
  • Themed Badges (Yes we need stinking badges)
  • Big 17 inch Balloons
  • HUGE 5 ½ Foot Balloons   USA

Call The owner Todd Vowell Today!


Cell 916-580-5190





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