smell science2 Buy Mail Direct Does It Again!
Sure, it’s always great to “one up” the competition. But when it involves stimulating one of only five senses, its kind of a big deal!
Introducing, Buy Mail Directs’ “NEW CAR SMELL” option for our Automotive Digital/Direct Mail Campaigns! Yes, we have successfully taken the “test drive smell” to the customer. Just as a car buyer slides into that new (or newer) vehicle to take that first smell of the leather, they can now slide the letter out of the envelope, and get the same whiff. This is very exciting.
Direct mail marketing is a science (to us anyway). When you can stimulate the customers smell, it motivates them to act. (Popcorn sales doubled when they started using huge fans to blow fresh popcorn smell into the theatre)
The Internet, TV, and Radio can talk about the “new car smell” and show you pictures including video. Buy only the power of Direct Mail Marketing can actually stimulate the smell receptors (see diagram above).
If you have a passion for being different, finding ways to separate yourself from the competition, and have fun doing it, then we should really talk. It Makes Perfect Sense
Call Todd Vowell, Owner of Buy Mail Direct!


Cell 916-580-5190






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