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Automotive salespeople, this is great info for you. Read it… Learn it… Love it… Live it…


1. We are in the “Right now “ business
– Your Customers expect urgency
– You must recognize that Time kills Deals
– Gather accurate information quickly and operate from the platform of Getting the deal done !!

2. We survive by pleasing Customers
– Strive to under promise and over deliver
– Be trust worthy
– Every department must operate with a “Customer First” attitude
– Every person who comes in contact with a Customer must be centered on that customer’s wants and needs

3. We are Professional’s and we need to act like it
– Watch your language,
No profanity
Avoid slang
Avoid industry “lingo”
– Dress for the part, Clean, pressed, moderate clothing

4. Understand that there is no “2nd Place “
– There is either a sale made or there isn’t
– Every opportunity has to be worked as if it will not happen again

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