hats offIn a time when automotive dealerships are still rebounding, its interesting to see what roads different dealerships take to not just survive, but gain market share and thrive. While surfing the Internet and checking out AutoNation, they had a link that caught my eye because it said “Direct Mail”. Anytime I see “Direct Mail“, I pay attention.

Anyway, as it turned out, AutoNation is looking for A “Director of Direct Mail”. Thinking about applying? Not only do you need a College degree, they prefer an MBA as well.

One can’t help but to analyze that one. While so many dealerships pass on direct mail and think it “doesn’t work anymore,” the country’s largest automotive retailer (and most admired five of the past six years by Fortune Magazine) is looking for a Director of Direct Mail. They have an entire team as it turns out. How about that?

They have ongoing direct mail programs that they take very serious. They practice segmentation, analyze behaviors, and manage complex technology platforms. They also continue to try new products and trial different approaches always paying attention to ROI. I mean, how sweet is that?

I don’t know how many people are on their “direct mail team” but with 15 Billion in revenue, it is pretty safe to say its impressive.

If you’re a dealership manager or dealer who thought direct mail marketing was dead or ineffective, maybe you just were not working with right team. Respectfully, you really should reevaluate Automotive Direct Mail.  I don’t think companies like AutoNation (and Google, Facebook, Etc.) would be investing millions into something that doesn’t produce one strong ROI for their investors. Just saying…

Best Regards,

Todd Vowell


Buy Mail Direct, Inc.



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