In basketball, if you don’t have some fouls at the end of the game, get ready to get yelled at by coach. In Hockey, if you don’t “throw the gloves off” once in a while, your teammates may start calling you “yella”.  So if you have an A+ rating at your dealership and zero complaints on things like Advertising, Product, or Service, are you moving the needle enough?

Most people may be saying, “that’s just crazy”, no one goes out and tries to upset customers or deliver a vehicle with problems. That’s not what this is about.

If you happen to know what dealerships out in the market are the most successful including PROFIT, and go to their ratings, you will find many of them have an F- or maybe a C. Its not that they don’t care, its just that they go hard. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Do ratings and reviews really matter? If they did, wouldn’t these big dealerships be out of business or at least hurting? Without getting into details and revealing confidential financial information, there are many dealerships out there earning HUGE COIN and not thinking twice about bbb c minusbad comments and horrible reviews. That’s just the way it is… Yes, even today in this “customer controlled” culture.

There is just so much fraud, biased and fake reviews put out by competition, and disgruntled ex-employees, it just doesn’t seem to matter to most dealerships. They have a business to run and they work hard to sell and service their product, but realize not everyone is going to be happy. They do their best to fix problems and challenges when they arise but don’t get all hung up on ratings from companies that try and squeeze them for “membership fees” and say (without saying), “pay us or you won’t be “Accredited” and you won’t be “Page One”, etc., etc.

What do you think? Do ratting matter? Is being “Accredited” important?






About the author: Todd Vowell has been a business owner since 1994. Took 3 start up companies from zero to over $30 million dollars with over 140 employees including 52 salespeople. Over 2,000 people have been hired, trained, motivated, and educated by Mr. Vowell in the art of successful automotive digital/direct marketing, sales training, and social media.

5,000 Car Dealers have executed over 400 million pieces of mail with his events. Since 1987, dealers have invested over $125 Million Dollars in his custom exclusive events and sold over 600,000 vehicles. Promotions like The Butterball Bonanza, The Auto Loan Alert, The Decoy, Certification Test Market, Drive Back to America, and Dept of Vehicle Acquisitions.

Mr. Vowell is proud to have worked with Jackie B Cooper, Jim Rohn, and his mentor, best friend, and dad, Dean Vowell.

Specialties: Creates the path, never follow it. He combines digital and complex variable data direct marketing, strategy, and enthusiasm for automotive direct mail marketing events worth a repeat performance!




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