Record Memorial Day Weekend Campaign!

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

national vehicle buyback tour3

Exclusive Memorial Day Weekend Tour Stop 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Check List:

  • “Buy Back Tour” Banner and Posters are up Buy Back Tour T-Shirt
  • BUYING ENVIRONMENT” Accomplished!
  • Lot lock down, one way in, one way out
  • Prize Wheel in showroom ready for action
  • The Direct Mail invitation has hit hard
  • Massive Social Media campaign
  • Buy Back Tour Press Release launched
  • UC  Manager & trusted wholesalers ready
  • Local DJ has Music cranked up!
  • Owner, GM, etc. is PUMPED UP (Game day)
  • Tour Stop flyers by Service cashier
  • BDC is calling customers
  • The Email reinforcement has been launchedPrize Wheel
  • The Vehicles are clean, gassed, and lined up
  • Salespeople have “Buy Back Tour” shirts on
  • Security guard is handling traffic control
  • QR Codes are on the Direct Mail piece
  • Massive Social Media campaigned launched
  • Buy Back Tour video up on YouTube
  • Balloons and decorations are set
  • BBQ is lit and food is on
  • Cold water and sodas are on ice



Please Shop Our Pricing Then Buy Mail Direct!

One Channel: $5,995  (One time license – Registered with U.S. Copyright Office “National Vehicle Buy Back Tour”, 10,000 Pieces Direct Mail, Postage, Targeted List, Four Color, QR Codes, On-line Check-in Ap, Support & Training)

Two Channels: $6,995  (Above, plus Digital including 10,000 Email Blast, and Buy Back Tour Banner)

Multichannel: $7,995  (Above plus, Spin Wheel, Posters, and Flyers)

Multichannel on Steroids: $8,995  (Above plus Press Release, Massive Social Media Launch, and Decorations)

Additional options:

  • Insurance on $5,000 Give-a-way: $375
  • Add Key or Credit Card (call)
  • National Vehicle Buy Back Tour Shirts (12) $495
  • Additional 10,000 Pieces of Mail: $3,999

Custom Campaigns Are Our Specialty So Just Ask – One call does it all. Other themes available!

Break from the pack!  You know the stats. Car buyers visit less than two dealerships. 91% of car buyers say a test drive at the dealership remains the most influential source. “For 27 years, our #1 job has been to get car buyers on your lot, not sell digital/direct mail. If the Internet, Radio, TV, or even Newspaper could pack your dealership with car buyers, we would not have Direct Mail as our main ingredient!

The fact is, Direct Mail scores highest in trust factor and the ability to reach car buyers with a “one to one” message that gets read, believed, and responded to. Nothing beats it.”

(T-Shirts, Prize Wheel, and Social Media All Take 2-3 weeks to create and build so SIGN UP TODAY)


Call Todd Vowell Today!
(400 Million Pieces & Counting)
Cell 916-580-5190




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