calculatorYou just saw a direct mail ad that said, “20,000 Pieces Only $11,750.” So you get out the old solar-powered calculator and divide the $11,750 into the amount of pieces 20,000. Breaks down to about .59 so pretty good deal right?

Times they have a changed. Price is important but what are you getting for the money?

To really have success and enjoy a strong ROI from your investment, change your question during the evaluation process!

Old question: How many pieces of mail can I get for $5,000?

New question: How many digital channels can I get for $5,000?

Depending on experience and skill, the person you are talking to should focus more on “Channels” not Pieces.

Your $5,000 investment may only have 2,000-3,000 pieces of mail in the proposal or quote. But with that mail, you might be getting a strong custom email campaign backing it up. Also included might be an IVR, Digital landing page, CRM, Social Media, and a strong Personal URL using complex variable data topped off with a QR Code to make access fast, easy, and convenient. (Depends on several key Geo/Demographics!)

multipole channel

Today’s successful Automotive Direct Marketing is not one channel, rather its multichannel. Its like fishing in a boat by yourself with several fishing poles. You wouldn’t just drop one line out there to catch a fish if you were starving. You would use all the poles and if you could, put different bait on each pole. All fish don’t bite from the same bait. (who’s getting hungry?)

Hope this helps get you more bang for your buck! There are still times when a car dealer just wants to blanket the area with a saturation piece to all households. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Big events, with high traffic and action everywhere is still effective and even fun.

But, for an ongoing successful long-term strategy in today’s market, smaller strikes with relevant information using a multichannel approach is the answer for true success and a high return on the investment. My time is up, great selling!


Todd Vowell, CEO

Buy Mail Direct





Cell 916-580-5190



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