Its Bullshit. This Bullshit is doing a lot of harm to car dealerships nationwide and its time to pull the curtain back.  Car dealerships are being invaded by Internet “Social Media Experts” that don’t know the first thing about the car business. They are feeding Dealers and GM’s with fairy tales. Truth is the Internet is full of fraud and non-human activity. In fact, only 38.5% of Internet traffic is human. The rest is Spammers, Hacking tools, Scrapers, and other search engine bots.

If Dealers and/or Managers will INVEST 44 minutes and 49 seconds in watching this video by Mr. Bob Hoffman, a 40 plus year copy writer and legend, it will save them at least $100,000 a year! Will you do that? Will you invest 45 minutes to save six figures a year? I hope so! (Never asked Dealers to watch a video until today.)

You must watch this video. Then decide. You will be entertained but more important, you will be educated on what matters most. The Bottom line.

Dealers are constantly being told that traditional advertising is dead. By who? Who said its dead? People who sell Internet advertising? Duh!

Here’s another shocker: People on Facebook don’t want to interact with car dealers! They want to interact with their friends and people from back in their high school days that they didn’t care about then and still don’t to this day.

No One Is Smarter Than The Truth!

Lets take people over 50 as an example.

People over 50:

  • Control 70% of the wealth in America
  • 50% of consumer spending
  • Buy 62% of ALL new cars
  • 3rd largest economy in the world

Yet only 5% of all advertising is directed at them. Why? Depends who you ask but if I was a Car Dealer, I know who I would target and I know how.

Does the Internet serve a purpose? Of course it does. The Internet is the go to place for education, automotive technology, pricing, information capture, and other Digital attributes.

When it comes to branding and selling, the Internet is ineffective. Don’t believe me? Go down to the local grocery store or even car dealership and show me any product that’s brand has been created by the Internet. WATCH THE VIDEO!

The average car dealership invested $405,907 on advertising and marketing last year. $107, 731 of it for the Internet. Before you go spend a bunch of money on Banner ads that don’t work, Social Media that has no return, or conversations with robots, do your homework and don’t rely on phony stats that can’t be backed up or proven.

My time is up, you have been great!

Todd Vowell, CEO

Buy Mail Direct








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