Direct Male Don’t work Nomore and Keyboards Don’t Know Grammer!

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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usps trucks Direct Mail doesn’t work anymore! (Translation: I sell Social Media or other online services and can’t compete with the power of direct mail.)


  • USPS Revenue for 2013: $67.3 Billion (Google about $50 Billion and Facebook about $7 Billion)
  • USPS has 626,764 employees with 211,654 trucks driving 1.2 billion miles every year.
  • USPS Processes, and delivers 700 million pieces of mail daily.
  • Direct Mail is the core of the $1 Trillion industry that employs more than 8 million people.
  • 38.8 million Addresses are changed and updated every year.
  • 773,882 brand new address delivery points were added last year.
“Well yeah, that’s all fine and dandy but I’m just saying direct mail doesn’t work around here, not around my area market.”

Hint: It’s not the direct mail that doesn’t work. You just need to find someone who actually IS an expert in automotive digital/direct mail marketing and not just says they are. Anyone can declare themselves an expert. A couple of key questions will usually weed out all non-hackers!


About the author:

Todd Vowell has been a business owner since 1994. Took 3 start-up companies from zero to over $30 million dollars with over 140 employees including 52 salespeople. Over 2,000 people have been hired, trained, motivated, and educated by Mr. Vowell in the art of successful automotive digital/direct marketing, sales training, and management.

5,000 Car Dealers have executed over 400 million pieces of mail with his events. Since 1987, dealers have invested over $125 Million Dollars in his custom exclusive events and sold over 600,000 vehicles. Promotions like The Butterball Bonanza, The Auto Loan Alert, The Decoy, Certification Test Market, Drive Back to America, and Dept of Vehicle Acquisitions.

Mr. Vowell is proud to have worked with Jackie B Cooper, Jim Rohn, and his mentor, best friend, and dad, Dean Vowell.

Specialties: Creates the path, never follow it. He combines digital and complex variable data direct marketing, strategy, and enthusiasm for automotive direct mail marketing events worth a repeat performance!



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