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Sacramento, CA: Buy Mail Direct Inc. has recognized the growing and ever changing world of Automotive Digital/Direct Marketing. Even though Buy Mail Direct has been offering Digital Marketing to car dealers for years, it is now official. BMD will continue delivering the best “car buying leads” using Multichannel tools with advanced technology and strategies.

“Digital Car Leads is long overdue but we have embraced both traditional and Internet technology for years,” said CEO Todd Vowell. “It’s important for us to put a face on our Digital Internet division”, he continued.  Digital Car Leads (DCL) will continue to create and deliver strong Email Campaigns, Video Landing Pages, Personal URL’s, Custom CRM, Variable QR Codes, Landing Pages, Video Marketing, SEO, Referral Marketing, PPC, Mobile, Content Marketing, IVR’s, Social Media, and more.

There is an ongoing debate on Traditional vs Digital. Traditional leans into longevity and durability because Radio, TV, and Direct Mail work. Digital goes with the Internet, new technology, and social media. In many cases, it is less expensive than traditional.  The brutal truth is combining them brings the best ROI. The integration of both traditional and digital creates a powerful Multichannel campaign.

“Buy Mail Direct and Digital Car Leads represent traditional and Digital Marketing at its best” said CEO, Todd Vowell. “To make it even more exciting, we offer these innovative services with an investment structure that big older companies can’t touch. Those companies still have several layers of VP’s, Managers, Overrides, Closers, and commissioned salespeople focused on hitting BIG bonuses/Spiffs”, Vowell continued.  “Our team consists of lean and mean, talented service representatives, graphic artist, programmers, Internet gurus, and skilled developers.”

About BMD

Buy Mail Direct creates the path, never follows it. BMD has been delivering record weekends for automotive dealership clients from coast to coast for years.  BMD eliminated one of the biggest costs in digital/direct mail events, “all the commissions”.  Dealers overwhelmingly prefer knowing “how much” before even calling a company.

Dealers that invest in Digital/Direct Mail Marketing want to invest in leads, not huge commissions, and big bonus pay plans.

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