Would your Service Department increase revenue if you offered your own In-house “No Credit Check” Auto Repair Funds Program that can get your customers $100 to $5,000 today?

  • 46% of Americans Don’t Have $1,000 Cash (Forbes Mag)
  • 76% Live “Paycheck to Paycheck”
  • You get 100% of Your Money Within Five Days

We all know about the many finance options when it comes to selling cars, boats, motorcycles, and RV’s. But what about repairing them?

Does everyone have a $5,000 Visa and 850 credit score? Of course not… There are far more customers who need financial assistance fixing their ride, rather than buying a new one.

What about the customer who came in for an oil change and discovered they need four new tires, brake pads, shoes, drums and rotors? Unfortunately, they have no money or not enough and can’t get the work done.

Not everyone has a long warranty. But most everyone has a checking account and an ID. That’s all they need!

The average vehicle today on the road is over 12 years old. People are strapped and working hard to turn things around.

Buy Mail Direct announces the first ever “No Credit Check” solution for Fixed Ops. The Service department generated over $80 Billion dollars for automotive dealerships last year. It is the main profit center for most dealerships and now just got even more profitable.

BMD introduces our EXCLUSIVE:
“No Credit Check, Auto Repair Funds Package!”iStock_000012117948Large

In-House Payment Program for Dealerships!

  • Offer your customers up to $5,000 at no risk to you.
  • Your customers get the service they need today!
  • Customers spread payments up to a year.
  • Dealership guaranteed full payment in 5 Days.

All Your Customer Needs:

  • ID or Military State ID
  • Pay Stub
  • Valid Checking Account
 Never turn away another customer or not be able to help get their car fixed for them and their family!

Call Todd Vowell Today


Cell 916-580-5190




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