bad phone callYou had a great weekend, come in Monday morning, pot of coffee, a few drags, sales meeting, Glengarry Glen Ross and Boiler Room video clips, pumped up, ready to hit it, make 100 phone calls to car dealers today!

Cold calls suck and you convince yourself that you need good news NOW so your first call is to that dealer that ran over the weekend. “Hey boss, good morning, how did your promo go!?  Hello? ………. Hello?…….You there?”

It has happens to all of us and it stings like a mutha. Nothing hurts more than letting a dealership down.

Let’s be real though, direct mail marketing in the automotive industry is tougher than Radio, TV, Newspaper, Chuck Norris, Social Media, and the Internet combined. Car dealers expect MORE from us!

If a car dealer executes an ad on Radio, TV, Newspaper, Billboards, that bench at the 8th hole by the water station, etc. Hey, once it has run or been printed, the job is complete, finished, done…

With direct mail marketing, it’s a whole new ball game, right? If you drop 5,000 or 10,000 pieces, the dealership expects a certain number of people to show and some even expect a certain number of sales from the mailer, do they not? (Even when the manager insists on doing it his way, hand picking the zip codes, changing up the copy, and selecting their own demographic filters on the list)

Price is another challenge because so many dealers still just divide the cost of the mailer into the number of pieces to determine if it’s a good deal or not. It’s like weighing a car to get the ACV!  A good mailer today has many intangibles, especially the list and duplex complex variable data that dealers can’t see but can get expensive and WELL WORTH IT!

Plus, you have no control over how or when the customer is greeted, what word tracks are used (Anyone got you yet? Welcome to ABC Motors, my name is Todd, how may we be of service today?), who greets them, type of sales training, and what inventory options are, like quantity, quality (dead batteries, no gas, fast-food wrappers behind the seat), and even pricing. There are literally hundreds of key indicators that can make or break a promotion.

There might even be a green pea sweeping customers off the lot for all you know. (I have actually seen with my own two eyes, a salesman walk out and greet a customer with “gift in hand” and say, “you folks here to buy a car today or just want a free gift” while handing them the gift, I kid you not! I waited, then grabbed them and said, what are you folks driving today? An Impala? I have a buyer for that car, can we look at it? 3 hours later, they were bustin bugs in a new Impala, closed them! True story…)

So how can you keep from losing a dealership customer if a promo bombs? The best way to save a customer is to offer them a solution that “moves metal” with no risk to them. If they are willing to at least talk with you and keep an open mind, this is very effective.

The Internet has changed the rules and the way many people buy a car. As most people know, car buyers today, only visit 1.4 dealerships before buying a car, compared to six dealerships just a few years ago. That is because many buyers are literally going to the Internet to research cars, pricing, and even picking out a dealership. But a dealer doesn’t have to give up all the profit to sell a car using one of these “turn coat” car buying services.

You earn your customers business back by targeting these car buyers where they reside, online, and you include the most aggressive 100% Money Back Guarantee! That’s right, NO RISK to your customer with the new Digital Conquest eCampaign with Video Landing Pages. There are two key factors, licensed data and VIDEOS, not just emails…The Dealership Will Sell 40 New and Used Vehicles, Backed Up With 100% Money Back Guarantee. (The 40 car goal could be reduced to 30 or increased to 50 plus, depending on dealership objectives)

Google Report: Vehicle listings with video are 55x more likely to get clicked on than static listings!

fist pump

This will get you out of the dog house and back on good terms with that dealer customer of yours. You have 100% money back guarantee to back you up. If the dealer doesn’t hit the target goal of 30, 40, or even 50 cars, they get MONEY BACK! How sweet is that? They can’t lose… Go head, fist pump a few times! (I did)

Now are you ready for the best part? We never hit the dealership customers, prospects, or leads. Even if the dealership has collected 10,000 emails, we filter and scrub all of it out before we deploy this Video eCampaign. Have I got your attention?

If that’s not good enough, we also include supplemental direct mail and live operator calls to their lost customers. We will hit dials hard, leave messages, talk the talk, set appointments for their salespeople, and make things happen. We will even create a video “walk-a-round” for every used car they have in stock as well. The emails will be bilingual and translated into Spanish. I can keep going and going!

Our goal is for you to be so valuable and effective, they can’t wait to resign with you.


Q. Does it work?q and a

A. Eight in 10 dealers re-up immediately! Remember, we have skin in the game, so if the dealership doesn’t move metal, we take a hit too. We work very hard and dealers like that.

Q. Any qualifiers or “small print?”

A. No small print but the dealership MUST be selling at least 75 units (new and used) a month.

Q. If you don’t hit the dealers customers, prospects, leads, or emails collected, who do you hit?

A. The stats show consistently over 50% of the traffic we drive to the dealership’s website and end up buying a car have never been there before. These are car owners doing business with other dealers including all your dealers competition. They like that too…

Q. How does the dealer know how many cars were sold from the Digital Video eCampaign?

A. We show the dealer up front all the addresses targeted (after we scrub their customers and emails) We even bring in the most trusted 3rd party tracking in the world, “Google Analytics” to provide detailed stats on eCampaign.

Q. Let’s say the Target Goal Number is 40 units and the dealer sells 50, do they pay more?

A. No, same investment. In fact, the cost to sell “per car” just dropped even more.

Q. What if the target goal is 40 and the dealer sells 29?

A. We have a provision in the simple agreement that basically ask the dealer to give us two more weeks to hit the emails hard, do direct mail, make live operator calls, everything we can possibly do to hit the goal. If we end up at 30 when the goal was 40, we cut the dealer a check back.

Q. Sure, it all sounds great but who is doing this fancy new Digital Conquest Video eCampaign, anyone I know?

A. Ever heard of AutoNation, Sonic, Van Tuyl, Penske, or Hendrick? (Plus, hundreds of other dealers are rolling nationwide.)

Q. Is it expensive?

A. Put it to you this way. Per NADA, the average cost for a dealer to sell a new car today is $621. Their investment will end up being about half that.

Q. What about Exclusivity?

A. You bet. Only one manufacture can run per market. Sorry, first come, first served.

Q. Is Direct Mail Dead?

A. Wash your mouth out with soap. I have been selling direct mail to dealers for 27 years, it will never die. Direct mail has never been stronger but the good stuff is not 40 cents each. If a dealer does a 10,000 piece mailer, has 500 ups, and sells 100 cars, great. There are still 9,500 car buyers that didn’t show. Thousands of car buyers will never respond to direct mail. We now know how to reach them and this Video eCampaign will do the job. Once you get back on good terms with your dealership customer, go back to direct mail but don’t do cheap. Build the value, use “complex variable data” type mailers that are relevant to each customer, that’s the direct mail secret today.think diff

Q. Who are you masked man?

A. Todd Vowell but people round these parts, call me the “Game Changer!”

Q. You really have me pumped but now your starting to get weird and its concerning.

A. I happen to agree, just never been a fan of normal. Here is to the crazies! One thing I don’t joke about is a dealership investing money and ends up being disappointed. It is a scar on all of us in Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Marketing. Remember, there is no “Silver Bullet” solution.  A different message will get a different customer. The more versatile a dealers marketing is, the more market share they will gain.

Thank you, my time is up, good selling.

Call me – 916-580-5190

Todd Vowell, CEO

BMD & Digital Car Leads

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