bdc services diagram

Three Keys To Capture Special Finance Leads:

Data – We are an approved affiliate and have direct access to the freshest credit score leads in the country.  The best direct mail piece, technology and BDC department in the world doesn’t matter, if we don’t target the right audience.

BDC Call Center – With 8 million credit-based customers facilitated and over a million car deals, we know how to handle leads, word tracks (vetted by Hudson and Cook, LLP), and setting appointments. We have a 91% contact rate because we call the hot lead within four minutes! Every minute counts in this appointment notificationbusiness.

Direct Mail Piece – We offer multiple ways for the customer to respond including IVR, PURLS, QR Codes, Email, and our BDC. It’s all about communication and the customer being comfortable with it. Every customer is different so offering multiple ways to respond increases our response rates ten fold, compared to our competition.

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