5 Ways Dealerships Can Score Big During Football Season!

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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football tailgate

If you don’t believe Traffic + Excitement = $ales, then you’re either in the wrong business or lost your mojo!

Football is back and so are passion, rivals, and talking smack. Most if not all dealerships are located in an area where the favorite team to root for is big business.

Buy Mail Direct specializes in creating a Digital/Direct mail campaign that ties in nicely to your hometown favorite team. From A to Z, we handle everything. Since College games are usually on Saturdays, it makes it perfect sense to have a 2-day event on Thursday and Friday. For NFL games on Sundays, of course Friday and Saturday fit nicely.

Campaigns have a custom home team flavor but here are five ways to cash in BIG TIME on the BIG GAME!

  1. Include a $25 Fan Gear Gift Card and a drawing with guaranteed winner(s) for two (or more) great seats to the big game that weekend as an additional bonus for coming down to the dealership.
  2. Throw a “Tail-gate Party” as your theme and fire up the grills a little extra that weekend. Salespeople, put a jersey on! Invite the local college (or even high school) cheerleaders down. Put all the trucks up front, drop the “Tail-gates” and really deck out the dealership with extra colors and local football theme!
  3. Plan ahead and have your logo put on footballs and/or hats as give-a-ways for coming down to the dealership. There is nothing better than your dealership branding all over the parking lot and stadium for months to come!
  4. Any town within four hours of the stadium is fair game. A limo to the game or transportation provided by the dealership in a nice new Sport-ute is a great hook to build more traffic!
  5. Insurance: Have a winning number to win the big $5,000 package. Or, consumers can throw a Nerf football into an open sunroof, punt a football into the back of a truck, or even different team “Contingency” events like “run back the opening kickoff” or “if your team tailgate with truckwins” and so on!

For more information or other ideas, call 27 year automotive marketing expert Todd Vowell today!

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