Warning, Market Braces For Used Car Flood!

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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used car influx

How can car dealers take advantage of the recent news regarding the incredible influx of over six million Off-lease used cars set to hit the market over the next couple years? That’s our job. As a Digital and Direct Marketing Company, it is important to take current events or situations and turn them into opportunities for automotive dealerships. In this case, using URGENCY is powerful, effective, drives business, (and it is even legal.)

In fact, you owe it to your customers to let them know that their current vehicle could lose value quickly in the near future so if they are even thinking about trading it in, selling it, and getting a new (or newer) vehicle, NOW IS THE TIME!

Here is a direct mail piece customers use to take advantage of the situation.

By targeting year, make and model (with PHOTO), we then append current values with Black Book (or KBB) and apply any extra incentives a dealer wants to add. We also drive the customer to the Internet with custom Personal URLs, IVR, and offer our BDC Services as well.

market alert snip


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