check engine lightWe did our homework. There are clearly more car dealerships nationwide that have invested in a nice “In-House Restaurant” than any type of “In-House No Credit Check Financing” solution for their Fixed Ops. It all started when something hit me over a year ago. (I have been serving dealers for over 27 years and never caught it.) The art of offering potential car buyers different ways to finance a vehicle  is so widely accepted and effective, it is even used in adverting and marketing. (ALL CREDIT APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED or YOU ARE VIRTUALLY PRE-APPROVED, Etc.)

However, click on any dealership “Service Dept. Tab” on-line or review any direct mail coupons and you will get “crickets” or nothing, basically. Why? Why is that?  Some dealerships don’t even take the time to put any Service coupons on their website period or its half ass. This is a department that can have upwards of a 70% profit margin.

I feel like I’m missing something. I’m waiting for someone way smarter than me (almost everyone) to call me up one day and just say, “Todd, you stupid ass, don’t you realize that the Service Department is (fill in the blank) and that is why dealerships don’t offer things like In-house “No Credit Check” Funding Programs? I then say, “Oh of course, how stupid of me!”

Until that day comes, think about this. More dealers have an “In-House Restaurant” than “In-House No Credit Check Funds” available. So, car dealers see the value and are willing to hamburgerinvest $100,000 in a Restaurant so people looking at buying a car won’t leave to “think about it” but they don’t (or have not yet) invest less than $200 a month to have their own In-House “No Credit Check” funds available for Service customers that need $700 to fix their car. A customer can buy a “Hemi-Hamburger” but can’t get a new Transmission put in, unless they have $2,800 cash, an empty VISA/MC, or rich uncle!

Please allow BMD to introduce to you an exclusive In-House “No Credit Check” Same as Cash, Funding” for car dealerships. The dealership customers can take up to 12 months to pay. No credit is required and no credit is checked. All the customer needs is a checking account and valid ID. No risk for the dealership, they get paid 100% in less than 72 hours. This is a huge opportunity for dealers to not just increase new business but also increase:

  • One item Repair Orders
  • Declined Repairs
  • Hours per Repair Order
  • Retail Labor Sales
  • Parts Inventory
  • And More!

Personally, this is where those dealers that are really committed to changing that Car Dealership “image” can shine. When a lady comes in for a Lube, Oil, Filter and she also needs four new tires (winter is coming), the brake pads have only 15% remaining, and Major Service is really over due. She (or he) has pride and sometimes won’t come out and say “We don’t have the money, or we don’t have a credit card with any room, or something else. So, they just say, “I’m in a hurry, next time!” That is the customer a dealership can help and really feel good about it. (especially with a couple “little ones” there as well)

“But that is not realistic Todd, there are not very many customers out there like that.” Really? Consider these quick facts from Forbes and the U.S.Census Bureau:

  • 46% of Americans Do Not Have $1,000 Socked Away for an Emergency. (like car repair)
  • Average age of the 258 million cars on the road today is 11.6 years old. (a record)
  • 76% of Households live “paycheck to paycheck.”

This is a two prono credit check picng solution. First, we must set you up for the “No Credit Check” Car Repair Funds. Then, the advertising, marketing, and social media is where you start generating record profits in Fixed Ops. Call us today!

  1. Leo Reis says:

    Great article Todd, I believe we should always be asking why?

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