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The secret to getting a 5-7% response on the Holiday mailer is simplicity and class, not hype and flash. Dealers will double the response by simply adjusting the approach. The more you flash it, hype it, and put the message in bright lights, the less meaning and value it has with customers.

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no credit card

Would you sell more in your Service/Parts department (Dealership or Independent Shop) if you offered your customers more ways to pay beyond “cash or credit card?” Right now, do you ever have a customer decline service and leave because they just can’t afford to get the work done? Coupons are great but 10% off doesn’t mean much to someone who is just strapped.

Have you ever wondered how much business you never even see because the customer already knows they can’t afford to get the car fixed?  They work hard, but just don’t have a $900 set aside for emergencies like car repair.  Over half of America now, do not have a $1,000 socked away and 76% live “paycheck to paycheck.”

Before you say, “oh we have Car Care One” or some other car repair financing program, we are not talking about lending money, loans, credit apps, credit scores, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to send customers and potential customers the message “you mean more to us than just a credit score number! In fact, we don’t check your credit, don’t care about your credit and we don’t even care if you have credit.” GET CAR REPAIRS TODAY, TAKE UP TO A YEAR TO PAY IT  BACK! (You get paid 100% within five days)

Is that powerful? Do you see any value in that approach? Imagine you are the only one in town that took Visa (or one of very few) Think you would get more business?

No Credit Check, Same as Cash” Car Repair Funds are coming to your market. Right now, you could be one of the few who have it, market with it, and take full advantage of that market of folks who need repairs, but don’t have a credit card, cash, or the cards are just tapped out. Don’t wait…

Click on "No Credit Check CarL" for more info!

Click on “No Credit Check CarL” for more info!




So much for Baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie!

Its the bottom of the ninth, tied up, one man on. If the SF Giants score, game over and its off to the World Series. Pitcher change, dammit! Its off to another commercial. Oh wait, its a hot blonde laying in bed looking all sexy, no problem, me like.

Then with a sexy voice, she starts talking about “Erectile Dysfunction?” My initial reaction was, the DVR changed channels to record South Park (for the kids of course) or some other show.

But no, this is the last game of the best playoff series I have ever seen, and I am watching a commercial about a solution for not being able to “pop the tent” anymore. Whats wrong with this picture? Am I just not with the times? My whole mood just went from excitement to, well, flaccid

Being a marketing guru my whole life and never being a big fan of advertising, this is one of the best examples of why direct marketing is so much more effective than advertising.

Why spend millions on a commercial to be watched by a massive age group that, their last worry right now is, “how am I going to get a full erection?” Granted some men in that 40-90 age group will see the commercial, but really


Try one bathtub first!

Try one bathtub!

If Cialis did a direct mail (or “male”) campaign, they could have saved north of a million dollars, not to mention target an audience that is specific and relevant to their product. (Men, 40-90, etc.)  Plus, with something like “Erectile Dysfunction,” the mailbox is a little less “public” and would probably be received better if the message was received privately in the home. Direct mail does all of that!

If Cialis is insistent on advertising during baseball games, maybe at least they can change over to some type of Softball league where us older wiser men play!

My time is UP, you have been great!




joe namath

Ah, Joe Namath. “Broadway Joe!”

There had been thousands of professional NFL/AFL quarterbacks before Joe. So, what happened? Did God break the mold or what?

There is a fantastic HBO special on Joe Namath that everyone should watch. This guy hit the professional league like no one before him. He was special. He was so special, even his own team mates didn’t like him. How could they? How many rookies show up at camp in a brand new Lincoln with two “babes” under each arm?

He didn’t stop there. In an era of short hair and clean shaven, “Broadway Joe” decided to go with long hair, side burns, and even a foo-man-chew! How do you not love that? Commercials were not even commercials anymore. Joe wore pantyhose, showers with Farrah Fawcett. This guy man… He owned New York, America, he changed everything!

The hate and jealously soon turned to love, inspiration, and admiration. Joe knew how to throw touchdowns and he knew how to win (even guaranteed it). He also knew how to put velocity on the ball. His receivers were black and blue, not from being hit by middle linebackers, but a football thrown by Joe Namath.

There is a value in standing out, not going with the flow. In business, its the same way. You want to be special? You want to standout? You will never do it if you just “go with the flow.” You must disrupt. You must take chances. You must have the passion and desire to do and be like no one before you. (I’m writing this to you but also myself)

In business, I have had much more success when I looked at the competition and didn’t do what they did. It doesn’t matter who or what you work for or with. You must find ways to separate yourself form the pack. Creativity, heart, and passion will take you much farther than your IQ or intelligence will ever take you! (Thank the good Lord for that)

When its all said and done, ask yourself one question, while you sit down to write that book on your “life story,” will anyone want to read it?

Make it a good life. Make it exciting. God only made one like you so take it to the market place and cash in, its the one thing no one can ever take from you. Its all yours baby, make it happen, and keep the faith!

joe namath2