Simple Turkey Mailer

The secret to getting a 5-7% response on the turkey mailer is simplicity and class, not hype and flash. Dealers will double the response by simply adjusting the approach. The more you flash it, hype it, and put the message in bright lights, the less meaning and value it has with customers.

Trust me on this, I created this campaign. When we run campaigns that make the turkey the campaign, the response is very low. Make the campaign about the customer. When we don’t mention the turkey and the customer has to receive the piece, open it, take out the message, and then actually read through it, to learn anything about getting a free turkey, the response is through the roof. (at least with the 50 million plus pieces we have produced and studied over the years)

For car dealers to save even more on their mailer, don’t just automatically go buy “Butterball Certs or gift cards” because for ever $10.00 value, you will pay $11 or even more.

If you are in a small or medium size market, have a salesperson or manager go talk with the local grocery store and work out a deal. Not only will you get much more value, you will probably sell a few cars as well. Local merchants are always finding ways to work together with a “win/win” proposition. What could better than this?  Too busy, we do it every year, give us a call.

Do it right, call the originator, call Todd Vowell today.


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